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Adam Cherrington, better known as "Wyshmaster", is a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum selling [1][2][3] producer of hip-hop, contemporary R&B, and pop music.[4][5][6] Raised in the Chicago area, he started his career producing pop hip-hop tracks for video games such as NARC and NBA Ballers: Phenom.[7] [8] He has produced for games, commercials, television, movies, internet and radio; working with prominent names such as Nelly, T-Pain, Pitbull, Tech N9ne, St. Lunatics, Chingy, The Lonely Island, Field Mob, B.o.B and more. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2010 for the Multi-Platinum selling single, I'm on a Boat featuring Lonely Island and T-Pain.[9] Wyshmaster currently divides time between producing; and investing in the next generation of artists as Director of Production and Continuing Education at Nelly's ex'treme Institute in St. Louis where he designs unique courses such as Beatology.[10][11][12][13]

Production Discography[edit]


  • "NBA Ballers", Midway Games, "Scored 10 custom background music sequences"[14][15]
  • "Bolo", "I Ride", "Murder Dog Presents South Carolina", "Blood Rush Music" [16]



  • "NBA Ballers Phenom" Midway Games
  • "Twista featuring Kanjia, Pitbull and E40", "Talk Hard", The Core DJ's Compilation", "The Core DJ's"


  • "Chingy featuring Bobby Valentino", "Remember When", "Hate it or Love it", "Def Jam Recordings"[20]


  • "Everybody Move", "Get the F... Outta Here", "The Waitress"', "Pillow Talkin", and "Enjoy", for Killer, 2008.
  • "I See It", "Running Away", "J's On My Feet", "Colors", "Shotaz", "The Green Mile", and "Wipe That Sweat", for Feature Presentation, a Kutt Calhoun album, 2008.
  • "U Ain't Him" and "Chill", for Brass Knuckles, 2008, a pop-rap crossover album from Nelly.[21]


  • "Rain", from Jeremy Greene featuring Bossman. Originally posted on MySpace, when the site generated an unprecedented 27 million hits, MySpace Records offered Jeremy a recording contract and "Rain" is now an official single featuring Pitbull.[22]
  • "I'm on a Boat", from the Lonely Island album Incredibad, also seen as a digital short on Saturday Night Live.[23] The song showed up on charts around the world [24] and was the most popular YouTube video in February 2009.[25] Later, it became an iPhone application.[26]
  • "Sickology 101" and "In the Air", for Tech N9ne Collabos: Sickology 101 (CD, Album) 2009, a collaboration album from Tech N9ne.[27]


  • "Ack-A-Donkey", "In my Dreams", "Alive", "Tonight" for "Krizz Kaliko", "Shock Treatment", a "Strange Music" album 2010.
  • "Eskimo", Ridin on 4's" for "Smoke Dogg",a "State II State" album 2010.



  • "Everywhere We Go", "Edison Chen featuring MC Chef & MC Yan", "3 Corner", "East Asia Music".


  • "That Good Love", "Marissa Jack", K-Mart National Valentine's Day Commercial, 2013.[28]
  • "Stevie Stone featuring Brotha Lynch Hung", "Hush", "2 Birds 1 Stone", "Strange Music"[29]


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