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Wythop is a civil parish in the north of Cumbria, England between Cockermouth and Keswick.

Wythop is within one mile of the hamlets of Dubwath (in the parish of Setmurthy) and Wythop Mill (in Embleton).

Administratively Wythop forms part of the district of Allerdale.


'Wythop' is " 'withy valley', cf. 'wīðig', 'hop' " (from the Old English). [1] 'Wīðig','withy' means 'willow', 'hop' means 'a small enclosed valley'; so 'Wythop' is the 'valley of willow trees'.


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Coordinates: 54°39′N 3°16′W / 54.650°N 3.267°W / 54.650; -3.267