Wzgórze Mickiewicza

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Wzgórze Mickiewicza is one of the quarters of the city of Gdańsk, Poland. It is literally translated into English as "The Hillock of Mickiewicz". It has been named after one of the greatest Polish poets Adam Mickiewicz.


Wzgórze Mickiewicza borders with two other districts of Gdańsk: Siedlce and Chełm i Gdańsk Południe. It is situated close to the very big Gdańsk cemetery called Cmentarz Łostowicki.

Names of streets[edit]

Most streets are named after the characters of Mickiewicz's book Pan Tadeusz (e.g. Ulica Jacka Soplicy, Ulica Telimeny). Some of them bear the names of the characters of other works (e.g. Ulica Świtezianki, Ulica Rusałki) by Mickiewicz or of people connected with the poets life (e.g. Ulica Maryli, Ulica Filaretów).

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Coordinates: 54°22′00″N 18°38′00″E / 54.3667°N 18.6333°E / 54.3667; 18.6333