Wèi (surname)

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Wei (Chinese characters).svg
Wei character in ancient script on top, standard script at bottom
RomanisationWei, Ngai
Word/nameWei (魏), a fief (located in Ruicheng, Shanxi)
from Mi

Wei (魏) is the English spelling of a Chinese surname.

Notable people surnamed Wei (魏)[edit]

During the Zhou Dynasty, Wei (state) (魏) the Ji family acquired the surname Wèi (魏). During the Northern Wei (北魏), Xiaowen family got the surname Wei with the state name.

During the Ming Dynasty, Gao (高) and Li (李) family changed their surname to Wei. Wei is also a surname used by some Chinese Minorities.

In 2019 it was the 45th most common surname in Mainland China.[1]

It is the 30th name on the Hundred Family Surnames poem.

Notable people surnamed Wei (尉)[edit]

Wèi (尉) family name originated from Wei family of Zheng (郑国), Yu family of Xia Dynasty (复), and Royal of Northern Wei (北魏), and many more.

Notable people surnamed Wei (蔿)[edit]

Wěi (蔿) family name from the Yuan (surname) (薳) the form a Xiong (surname) (熊) of Chu (state).

Other notable people surnamed Wei[edit]

  • Belle Wei, American electric engineer and educator

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