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Developer(s) U.S. Census Bureau
Stable release 0.3 / June 15, 2007; 7 years ago (2007-06-15)
Operating system Windows, Linux/Unix
Type Statistical software
License Public domain[1][2]
Website X-12-ARIMA

X-12-ARIMA is the U.S. Census Bureau's software package for seasonal adjustment. It can be used together with many statistical packages, such as Gretl or EViews which provides a graphical user interface for X-12-ARIMA, and NumXL which avails X-12-ARIMA functionality in Microsoft Excel. It is also used by Statistics Canada.[3]

X-12-ARIMA is the successor to X-11-ARIMA. The next version is X-13ARIMA-SEATS.[4]

Both X-12-ARIMA and X-13-ARIMA-SEATS's source code can be found on the Census Bureau's website.[5][6]

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