X-23 (2018 series)

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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication date2018
Main character(s)X-23
Creative team
Written byMariko Tamaki
Artist(s)Juann Cabal
Georges Duarte
Diego Olortegui

X-23 is a 2018 comic book series published by Marvel Comics. It is written by Mariko Tamaki and drawn mainly by Juann Cabal and Diego Olortegui. It is the third ongoing series for Laura Kinney who in the last series, All-New Wolverine,[1] took her father's name of "Wolverine" during the period when he was dead. Now back under her old code name "X-23" she and her little sister Gabby continue to fight as superheroes and balance their lives.[2][3]

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The series currently holds an 8.1 out of 10 from 93 professional critics on the comic book review aggregator Comic Book Roundup.[9]


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