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Noisuf-X beim Essen Originell 2011.jpg
Live performance as Noisuf-X at Essen Originell 2011
Background information
Also known as Noisuf-X
Origin Germany
Genres Electronica, Electro-Industrial, Aggrotech, EBM
Years active 1988–present
Labels Scanner, Dark Dimensions, Gravitator
Associated acts Kombat Unit
Members Jan Loamfield (Jan L.)

X-Fusion is the name of a solo electronic music project by German musician, producer and DJ, Jan Loamfield known as Jan L..[1] He began releasing acid house tracks in 1988, and by 2000, the project had become an aggrotech project. Loamfield also released several albums under its side project Noisuf-X.


In 1988, Jan L. began producing music on a Commodore 64, in combination with organ sequences. Soon he upgraded to better equipment, suitable for producing high-quality music.

In 1991 his first demo tape, called “Syndromic Noise“, was produced. It, and his next demo tape, are usually classified as hard trance. Soon he began performing live at techno parties. This earned him exposure in local techno-trance scenes.

His music after this point was darker, and soon evolved to aggrotech. This music caught the attention of independent label Dark Dimensions/SCANNER, who signed him in 2003. This was the beginning of X-FUSION as it exists today.

The 2004 album Beyond the Pale reached number 6 on the Deutsche Alternative Charts,[2] and the 2007 album Rotten to the Core reached #16 for the year.[3] In 2008, Vast Abysm went to #2[4] and in 2009, Ultima Ratio also peaked at #2.[5]


Jan L with Noisuf-X at the E-tropolis Festival 2013, Berlin

Noisuf-X is X-Fusion's side project. It can best be described as power noise, though it also contains some breakcore and technoid influences. Noisuf-X has released seven albums to date.



  • Evillive (2001)
  • Blackout (2002)
  • Dial D for Demons (2003)
  • Beyond the Pale (2004)
  • Demons of Hate (2005)
  • Rotten to the Core (2007)
  • Bloody Pictures (2007)
  • Choir of Damnation (2007)
  • Vast Abysm (2008)
  • Inner Exile MCD (2008)
  • Ultima Ratio (2009)
  • Thorn in My Flesh (2011)
  • What Remains is Black (2013)

Compilation albums[edit]

As Noisuf-X[edit]


  • Antipode (2005)
  • Tinnitus EP (2006)
  • The Beauty of Destruction (2007)
  • Voodoo Ritual (2009)
  • Excessive Exposure (2010)
  • Dead End District (2011)
  • Warning (2013)
  • Invasion (2014)
  • 10 Years of Riot (2015)
  • Kicksome(b)ass (2016)
  • Banzai (2017)

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