X-Large (film)

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X-Large poster.jpg
Directed by Sherif Arafa
Written by Ayman Bahgat Amar
Starring Ahmed Helmy
Donia Samir Ghanem
Ibrahim Nasr
Music by Hisham Nazeeh
Cinematography Ayman Abu El Makarem
Distributed by Brothers United for Cinema
Release date
  • November 2, 2011 (2011-11-02)
Running time
130 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

X-Large (Arabic: إكس لارج‎) is a 2011 Egyptian Romantic Comedy film.[1] The title is making fun of the extra large sizes found in stores to categorize large clothes.

It stars Ahmed Helmy as the main(and obese) character, Magdy.


Magdy is an overweight man with a bunch of female friends who all see him as one of the girls, he’s about as sexually appealing to them as a teddy bear. All he wants is a woman who can see past his unsightly exterior and see him for who he is inside. He reconnects with Dina, a girl he used to crush on back when he was a skinny kid, via Facebook and they get to know each other over the phone, without ever having seen any pictures of each other.

Dina, upon returning to Egypt, asks Magdy to pick her up from the airport which he agrees to do while secretly praying that she doesn’t turn out to be too conventionally attractive. When Magdy sees how beautiful Dina is, he lacks the confidence to out himself as Magdy and instead introduces himself as Magdy’s cousin Adel and informs her that Magdy had to travel abroad. With his friends’ help, he proceeds to try to get her to love him as Adel, fat and all.

They then get to start dating and eventually Magdy proposes to Dina through showing her a showcase of art. She then says that the only reason she dated him was because of a college project examining the life of overweight people.

Madgy, depressed, starts to ask his uncle for help into losing weight. His uncle(who's also fat) claims that it's impossible and Madgy eventually gives up in a discussion with his friends.

Later, Magdy receives a phone call from his uncle that's dying. Madgy hurries over to his car to go to his house, due to him going at high speeds, his car overturns. The people then try to get him out but can't due to his weight. Eventually he's able to go through the car door.

Madgy then finds his uncle at the floor, his uncle then says his last words and dies.

Magdy, now determined, finally starts to seriously try to lose weight. He contacts an old friend who is a fitness coach and Magdy joins the gym. He's also given a small shack to live in.

The next few weeks are very hard for Magdy. He stops going to the fridge at night and to stop a habiat of always eating when talking and starts exercising more.

One day, Magdy starts drawing in his shack out of boredom. He then keeps drawing for many days, not eating. It's wasn't much later when he realized this and once he does, he leaves his shack, and starts shouting out," I'm not hungry! I'm not hungry! " multiple times while it's raining.

Two years later, in a meeting announcing a new animated show, it's revealed many of the characters from the film are attending, including Dina. Madgy now very thin, is not recognizable by anyone. He sits with Dina and Dina asks where Magdy, an old friend is. Magdy then claims that he's been in Australia for a couple years and that's he's a good friend of Magdy.

Then the show starts and the Fitness Coach announces the artist of the animation. He reveals its Magdy. The people, surprised, realize he's talking about the obese person from years past.

Magdy is then seen smiling and thinking," Life is good now." His stomach then bellows and he goes on to say," I want to eat" The movie then ends, unclear about his relationship with Dina.