X-Men: Divided We Stand

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"X-Men: Divided We Stand"
X-Men Divided.jpg
Cover of X-Men: Divided We Stand 1 (Jun 2008)
Art by Brandon Peterson
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateFebruary – August 2008
X-Men: Divided We Stand #1-2
Main series listed by individual story arc titles:
"Angels and Demons"
   X-Force vol. 3, #1-6
   The Uncanny X-Men #495-499
"Final Genesis"
   Young X-Men #1-5
"From Genesis to Revelations"
   X-Men: Legacy #208-214
"Get Mystique!"
   Wolverine vol. 3, #62-65
"The Only Game in Town"
   X-Factor vol. 3, #28-32
"Sins of the Father"
   X-Men: Legacy #208-214
"War Baby"
   Cable vol. 2, #1-5
Uncanny X-Men: Divided We StandISBN 0785119833
X-Factor: The Only Game In TownISBN 0785128638
X-Force: Angels and DemonsISBN 0785129766
X-Men: Divided We StandISBN 0785132651
X-Men Legacy: Divided He StandsISBN 0785130004
X-Men Legacy: Sins of the FatherISBN 0785130020
Young X-Men: Final GenesisISBN 078513154X

"X-Men: Divided We Stand" is a 2008 comic book story line published by Marvel Comics as a follow-up story line to the "Messiah Complex" story arc. The story started with the issues of the X-Men-related titles cover dated April 2008. This included: The Uncanny X-Men; Wolverine vol. 3; X-Factor vol. 3; and X-Men vol. 2, which was retitled X-Men: Legacy. It also launched three ongoing titles - Cable vol. 2, X-Force vol. 3, and Young X-Men - and a self-titled, two-issue limited series. Each ongoing series ran a separate story arc with "Divided We Stand" providing an overall theme.

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