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Origin Hamburg, Germany
Genres Heavy metal, power metal, speed metal
Years active 1993 (1993)–1997
Associated acts Running Wild
Grave Digger
Past members Frank Knight
Axel Morgan
Jens Becker
Stefan Schwarzmann
Frank Ullrich
Rainer Heubel

X-Wild was a German heavy metal band founded in 1993 by three former band members of Running Wild (thus the name X (Ex) Wild). The trio hired a British vocalist, Frank Knight, and put out their first album, So What!, in 1994.

The band had the support of the majority of fans in Running Wild's fan club but gained an anti-image among diehard Running Wild worshippers becoming notorious as a ripoff band. Even though they used many of the song-writing clichés typical of Running Wild, X-Wild had many other influences and developed a style of their own. Vocalist Frank Knight was often compared to U.D.O.'s frontman Udo Dirkschneider and AC/DC's legendary singer Bon Scott.

X-Wild disbanded in 1997 for various reasons.


  • Frank Knight — vocals
  • Axel Morgan (ex- Running Wild) — guitar
  • Jens Becker (ex Running Wild; now in Grave Digger)— bass
  • Frank Ullrich — drums on last album
  • Rainer Heubel — guest drummer
  • Stefan Schwarzmann - Drummer

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