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XEDA RadioTrece1290 logo.png
City La Magdalena Atlazol, Mexico City
Broadcast area Mexico City
Branding Radio Trece
Frequency 1290 kHz
First air date 3 December 1936
Last air date 31 May 2015
Format Talk radio
Power 10,000 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime[1]
Class B
Owner Radio S.A.
(Carlos de Jesús Quiñones Armendáriz)
Webcast Listen Live
Website RadioTrece 1290 AM

XEDA-AM is or was (depending on the source) an AM radio station in Mexico City, Mexico. It began operations on December 3, 1936, and it was the flagship station of Radio S.A., with a news and talk format.


The first concession for XEDA was awarded to Augusto García Díaz, for a station on 680 kHz. Not long after it moved to its current 1290 kHz frequency.[2]

In 1953, the station was bought by Publicistas, S.A., the business of Guillermo Morales Blumenkron, which also obtained a concession for XEDA-FM (now separately owned). The concessionaire was not changed for another 59 years, but in the mid-1990s, XEDA-AM and XEDA-FM were split off. At the time, 1290 AM had a rock music format.

While Radio Trece programming continued online, the AM radio station was turned off on May 31, 2015. Radio S.A. cited the unprofitability of AM radio in its decision.[3] Radio S.A. also cited a lack of official advertising budget for AM radio stations in Mexico City, the unavailability of the AM band on newer radios, and poor sound quality, in its decision; it noted that it had to lay off 150 people "for being obligated to operate with obsolete technology".[4]

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