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MilAM 2018.png
CityMexico City
BrandingMil AM
Frequency1000 kHz
First air date1941[1]
FormatTourism-related talk, contemporary music in Spanish
Power50 kW day
20 kW night
ClassA (clear-channel)
OwnerNRM Comunicaciones
(Fomento de Radio, S.A. de C.V.[2])
WebcastListen Live
WebsiteXEOY-AM Online

XEOY-AM is an AM radio station in Mexico City. It is a Class A clear-channel station broadcasting on 1000 kHz. XEOY carries programming aimed at tourists to Mexico City.

KOMO in Seattle, Washington, WMVP in Chicago, Illinois and XEOY-AM share Class A status of 1000 AM.


XEOY was founded on February 10, 1941 by Ignacio Díaz Raygosa and Jose Iturbe Umantour; Raygosa was the grandson of former Mexican president Porfirio Díaz, while Umantour's grandfather was José Yves Limantour, the finance secretary for most of the Porfiriato. The first broadcast of XEOY-AM was the Ninth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. In 1942 it was sold to Guillermo Salas Peyró, who gave the station its long-running name of "Radio Mil" (Radio Thousand), after its position on the dial. From XEOY-AM, Núcleo Radio Mil was formed, adding XEPH-AM 590, XEMX-AM 1380, XEBS-AM 1410 and XEUR-AM 1530 to the fold.

From the 1950s onward, XEOY's format imitated that of XEW-AM, with general interest and family programming, as well as recorded music. August 28, 1957, saw XEOY branch out onto FM with XEOY-FM, originally on 100.5 MHz and later on 100.9 MHz. In 1961, that station became classical music "Estereomil"; it was swapped with XEBS-FM in 1967 to move to 89.7 MHz (now XEOYE-FM), while 100.9 FM is now XHSON-FM (still owned by NRM).

In 1980, XEOY-AM became the first AM radio station in Mexico to broadcast in stereophonic sound; the SCT would not help stations broadcast in stereo until 1990.[3]

The current format was adopted on May 21, 2006. In 2017, the name was changed from Radio Mil to Mil AM.


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