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City Villa Acuña, Mexico
Broadcast area North America
Branding Sunshine Station between the Nations
First air date August 18, 1932
Format Talk
Language(s) English
Power 75,000 watts
HAAT 300 feet
Former frequencies 735 kc.
840 kHz
Affiliations Dr. John R. Brinkley
Owner Dr. John R. Brinkley
(Dr. John R. Brinkley)

XER (1932–1933) are the call letters of a famous border-blaster radio station licensed to Villa Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, upon license application of John R. Brinkley of the U.S. state of Kansas. It first came on the air in 1932. It was forcibly shut down by the Mexican authorities in 1933 and the Villa Acuña Broadcasting Company was dissolved.

History of XER[edit]

XER called itself the "Sunshine Station between the Nations", and it broadcast on 735 kHz, on the AM band from Villa Acuña, Coahuila. The owner of XER was Dr. John R. Brinkley of Kansas, who moved to Del Rio, Texas, where he established a management company called Villa Acuña Broadcasting Company. It first signed on August 18, 1932, with a 50-kW transmitter and claimed 75 kW power output via an omnidirectional antenna. The engineering was by Will Branch of Fort Worth, who had engineered WBAP for Amon Carter, owner of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. For a brief period, XER-AM was licensed for one million watts, but XER was shut down by the Mexican authorities on February 24, 1933,[1] and the Villa Acuña Broadcasting Company of Del Rio, which had managed the station, was dissolved.

The call sign XER-AM was reassigned in 1943 to a new station in Linares, Nuevo León, which migrated to FM and is now XHR-FM.

See also[edit]

  • XERA - months after XER closed down in 1933, XERA occupied the original facilities of the defunct XER in September 1935.
  • XERF-AM - the later station which began broadcasting shortly after XERA-AM was closed down


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Further reading[edit]

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