Ford Falcon (XG)

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Ford Falcon (XG)
1995 Ford Falcon (XG) Longreach GLi panel van (2015-06-03) 01.jpg
Ford Falcon Longreach GLi panel van
Manufacturer Ford Australia
Production March 1993 to April 1996[1]
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door coupe utility [1]
2-door panel van [1]
Layout FR layout
Engine 4.0 L Ford I6 (petrol)
Transmission 4-speed M91LE automatic (I6)
5-speed manual
Wheelbase 2,957 mm (116.4 in) (utility)[1]
Length 4,920 mm (193.7 in) (utility)[1]
Width 1,860 mm (73.2 in) (utility)[1]
Height 1,366 mm (53.8 in) (utility)[1]
Curb weight 1,525 kg (3,362 lb) (utility)[1]
Predecessor Ford Falcon (XF)
Successor Ford Falcon (XH)

The Ford Falcon (XG) is a range of commercial vehicles which was manufactured by Ford Australia from 1993 to 1996. It was derived from the Ford Falcon (XF) full-size car.


The XG Falcon was introduced in March 1993 as a facelift of the XF commercial range, which it replaced.[1] The XG was marketed in coupe utility and panel van body styles[1] and during its three years in production it was sold alongside the EB Falcon, ED Falcon and EF Falcon sedan and wagon models.

The XG featured the XF Falcon-style body with a new front similar to that of the EB Falcon.[1] An overhead camshaft engine, anti-lock brakes and a one-tonne option were offered for the first time on Falcon commercial models.[1]

Model range[edit]

The XG range included two-door coupe utility and two-door panel van body styles, marketed as follows.

  • Ford Falcon Longreach GLi utility[1]
  • Ford Falcon Longreach GLi panel van[1]
  • Ford Falcon Longreach S utility[1]
  • Ford Falcon Longreach Outback utility (released June 1995)[1]
  • Ford Falcon XR6 utility (released October 1993)[1]

A limited edition Longreach GLi Tradesman utility was offered from December 1995, with 800 examples produced.[1]

Engine and transmissions[edit]

The XG was powered by a 148 kW (198 hp) 4.0-litre six cylinder overhead camshaft engine.[1] The XR6 model was fitted with a 161 kW (216 hp) version of this unit.[1] Five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmissions were available.[1]


The XG series was replaced by the Ford Falcon (XH) in April 1996.[2]



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