Radio Coahuila

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Radio Coahuila
City Saltillo, Coahuila
Broadcast area Coahuila
Branding Radio Coahuila
Slogan En Todo el Horizonte
Frequency (see table)
First air date March 26, 2001
Format Public radio
ERP (see table)
Owner Government of the State of Coahuila

Radio Coahuila is the state radio network of the Mexican state of Coahuila. It broadcasts on 16 transmitters in the state[1] with content originating from the state capital in Saltillo.


The state received the permits for the 16 stations on November 29, 2000. XHSOC in Saltillo began transmitting on March 26, 2001; the signal is fed to the other transmitters by satellite.

The state network was constituted as a separate government agency on February 28, 2014.


16 transmitters provide Radio Coahuila service to the state's populated areas. Most of the network's transmitters are located at state-run technical and secondary schools, with the notable exceptions of Parras de la Fuente, Saltillo and Torreón.

Callsign FM Frequency City ERP
XHBTC-FM 94.3 Barroterán .1 kW
XHELA-FM 99.9 Candela .1 kW
XHCST-FM 102.3 Castaños .1 kW
XHGEC-FM 102.3 Ciudad Acuña 3 kW
XHGAS-FM 102.7 Cuatrociénegas .1 kW
XHONT-FM 93.9 Frontera 3 kW
XHUIZ-FM 102.9 Melchor Múzquiz 1 kW
XHNRC-FM 93.1 Nueva Rosita 3 kW
XHMPO-FM 101.1 Ocampo .1 kW
XHPCH-FM 103.5 Parras de la Fuente .1 kW
XHNPC-FM 102.5 Piedras Negras 1 kW
XHSOC-FM 89.7 Saltillo 3 kW
XHDRO-FM 91.5 San Pedro de las Colonias .1 kW
XHSMC-FM 102.3 Sierra Mojada .1 kW
XHEON-FM 97.9 Torreón 3 kW
XHOZA-FM 98.7 Zaragoza, Coahuila 3 kW


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