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Río Grande, Zacatecas
Channels Analog: 7 (VHF)
Digital: 23 (assigned)
Affiliations Independent
Owner Patronato Pro-Televisión de Río Grande en Zac.
Founded February 12, 1986
Last air date 2015 (expiration of permit)
Call letters' meaning Rio GRande Zacatecas
Transmitter power Analog: .1 kW
Transmitter coordinates 23°50′00″N 103°01′51″W / 23.83333°N 103.03083°W / 23.83333; -103.03083[1]
Website XHRRZ (Facebook)

XHRRZ-TV was a broadcast television station on channel 7 in Río Grande, Zacatecas, Mexico, operated by the municipal government.


XHRRZ was permitted on February 12, 1986 after having operated for a time on channel 6 to serve the village of Loma Prieta. It was permitted along with XHRIG-TV on channel 4, which was off the air for most of its permit life, though attempts were made to put it on air.[2] XHRRZ, however, operated with local programming.

Both XHRRZ and XHRIG had their permits canceled in 2015 for failure to transition to a public or social use concession. The station continues to broadcast via cable.


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