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Type Terrestrial television network
Country Mexico
Availability National
Owner Televisora de Hermosillo
(Government of the State of Sonora)
Launch date
15 (statewide after October 27, 2016)
Official website

Telemax is a Mexican broadcast television network based in Hermosillo, Sonora. Its flagship station is XEWH-TV channel 6 in Hermosillo, and is available nationally through satellite and cable coverage. It is also available through a network of over-the-air repeaters, which extend its flagship station's coverage throughout Sonora. Telemax is owned by the State of Sonora and its stated mission is "to promote Sonoran culture and values, the works and programs of the government, and timely and truthful broadcast of information to various social segments of the population."


XEWH history[edit]

The history of television station XEWH precedes that of Telemax by over 30 years. Founded November 27, 1957 by the Azcarraga family, XEWH went on the air May 30, 1959 as part of Telesistema Mexicano, hence the callsign XEWH, from "XEW", the Telesistema Mexicano flagship station in Mexico City, and "H", for Hermosillo. As typical of Telesistema Mexicano stations, XEWH operated independently, but that changed in 1969. The station became a mere retransmitter of programs from Mexico City, likely from XEW-TV, and remained so until 1978, when it was acquired by local businessmen and broke away to resume producing local programming. In 1984, the station was sold to the Sonoran government. State government decree 369 on August 22, 1985 established XEWH as the official voice of the Sonoran government. Also in 1985, the government began building a network of low-power television stations throughout Sonora to rebroadcast XEWH.

XEWH is one of the few public television stations in Mexico to operate under a concession, or commercial license. Its transmitter is located on Cerro La Cementera in Hermosillo along with those for Hermosillo's other television stations.

Telemax history[edit]

The year 1990 saw the launch of Telemax, a new identity for the state-run television station. The initial construction of the statewide network was coming to a close, but as Telemax, the number of stations in the network increased rapidly. Seven stations were added in 1996, and 26 more were added in 1997, bringing the number of stations to 58.

In 2015, Telemax changed its format radically to offer half-hour newscasts at the top of the hour on weekdays, as well as educational programming on weekends. The network relaunch included a new logo and slogan, #TuVozSeEscucha (Your Voice is Heard), as well as an emphasis on social media interaction. On September 8, 2015, Telemax went HD and launched 17 HD transmitters.


On weekdays Telemax's programming is heavy on news programming. The station's live shows begin at 6:30am with the morning program Despierta Sonora and for most of the day mix the half-hour newscasts (and some hour-long shows, at 2 and 8pm) with other shows focusing on topics including health and sports.

On the weekends Telemax produces no newscasts and carries large quantities of national educational programming, as well as some of its own productions like Conociendo Sonora and a Sunday Mass.


The following television stations, all owned by the Government of the State of Sonora, broadcast Telemax programming.[1]

City Chan Callsign City Chan Callsign City Chan Callsign
Adivino 7 XHADO-TV Divisaderos 3 XHDVS-TV Rayon 11 XHRON-TV
Agua Prieta 12 XHAPS-TV Fronteras 6 XHFAS-TV Rosario 7 XHRSO-TV
Alamos 13 XHALM-TV Granados 4 XHGDS-TV Sahuaripa 4 XHSPA-TV
Arivechi 11 XHACH-TV Guaymas 11 XHSGU-TV San Felipe de Jesus 6 XHSFS-TV
Arizpe 12 XHAZP-TV Hermosillo 6 XEWH-TV San Javier 6 XHSJR-TV
Atil 4 XHALS-TV Huachineras 7 XHHCH-TV San Luis Rio Colorado 50 XHRCS-TV
Bacadehuachi 11 XHBNI-TV Huasabas 9 XHHAS-TV San Pedro del la Cueva 9 XHSPE-TV
Bacanora 13 XHBCA-TV Imuris 13 XHIMS-TV Santa Ana 12 XHSAS-TV
Bacerac 7 XHBAC-TV Magdalena de Kino 4 XHMDS-TV Santa Cruz 13 XHSCZ-TV
Bacoachi 7 XHBCI-TV Mazatan 7 XHMZN-TV Saric 7 XHSIC-TV
Banamichi 12 XHBAS-TV Moctezuma 3 XHMOS-TV El Sasabe 12 XHSSE-TV
Baviacora 5 XHBVA-TV Naco 7 XHNAC-TV Sinoquipe 12 XHSQP-TV
Bavispe 11 XHBVE-TV Nacori Chico 6 XHNCO-TV Soyopa 7 XHSYO-TV
Benjamin Hill 7 XHBNL-TV Nacori Grande 5 XHNGE-TV Suaqui Grande 11 XHSGE-TV
Caborca 12 XHCAS-TV Nacozari 6 XHNCZ-TV Tepache 7 XHTCE-TV
Cananea 5 XHCCS-TV Onavas 11 XHONV-TV Ures 7 XHUES-TV
Carbo 12 XHCRO-TV Oquitoa 10 XHOQT-TV Villa Hidalgo 10 XHVHO-TV
Ciudad Obregon 13 XHCOJ-TV Puerto Peñasco 6 XHPES-TV Villa Pesqueira 9 XHVPA-TV
Cucurpe 13 XHRPS-TV Querobabi 13 XHQBI-TV Yecora 10 XHYES-TV
Cumpas 13 XHCPS-TV

Telemax programming also airs on KPHE-LD channel 44.2 in Phoenix, Arizona and on KUDF-LD channel 14.2 in Tucson, Arizona.


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