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Canal Nueve
San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
Branding Canal Nueve
Slogan Televisión Pública Inteligente (Intelligent Public Television)
Channels Digital: See table
Owner Gobierno del Estado de San Luis Potosí
Founded 1990
Website http://www.canal9slp.mx/

XHSLS-TDT channel 35 (virtual channel 9) is the flagship station of the Canal Nueve educational network. Canal Nueve is an educational and public television network owned and operated by the government of the State of San Luis Potosí in San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí. Canal Nueve transmits diverse programming, including cultural, artistic and variety shows, as well as the events and activities of the Government of San Luis Potosí.


On November 1, 1985, the Dirección del Centro de Producción de Televisión Imevisión de San Luis Potosí (Imevisión Television Production Center San Luis Potosí) was launched to produce local opt-out programming for Imevisión.[1] By 1990, given changing circumstances and the impending privatization of Imevisión, the agreement had been phased out, and instead a new television station was built, XHSLS-TV channel 9. It boasted repeaters in Matehuala (XHATS-TV channel 4, which stopped operating early in the 2000s) and Tamazunchale (XHAZS-TV channel 6). The Tamazunchale station, while still licensed, has never operated.

XHSLS signed on in digital in July 2015. The digital facility is powerful than the analog channel 9, whose actual effective radiated power is lower than authorized due to an aging transmitter. The station shut off its analog signal on December 16, 2015, along with other San Luis Potosí stations.[2]

Canal Nueve transmitters[edit]

RF VC Callsign Location Analog ERP Digital ERP
35 9 XHSLS-TV San Luis Potosí 27.72 kW
6 XHAZS-TV Tamazunchale 3.387 kW