Televisión Tabasqueña

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Televisión Tabasqueña
Type Mexican broadcast state network
Founded October 30, 1997 (1997-10-30) (with current concession)
TV transmitters see below
Headquarters Villahermosa
Broadcast area
Owner Televisión Tabasqueña, S.A. de C.V. (Comisión de Radio y Televisión de Tabasco)
Key people
Dolores Gutiérrez Zurita, director general[1]
Official website

Televisión Tabasqueña (TVT) is a state-owned public television network serving the Mexican state of Tabasco on three broadcast transmitters.[2] The network is operated by CORAT, the Tabasco Radio and Television Commission, along with La Radio de Tabasco and Mega 94.9. TVT programming primarily consists of cultural and educational content.

TVT's studios are currently located in the Tabasco Convention Center, but will be moved to allow for the center's renovation.[1]


In 1983, the state government of Enrique González Pedrero created CORAT, and the state government received permits for noncommercial television stations,[3] as well as AM and FM networks.[4]

In October 1997, Televisión Tabasqueña, S.A. de C.V., a company owned 99.93 percent by the state of Tabasco with the remainder owned by Juan Manuel Cervantes Martínez,[5] received commercial television station concessions for stations at Villahermosa (XHSTA-TV channel 7), La Venta (XHVET-TV channel 5) and Tenosique (XHTET-TV channel 10). TVT was one of three state networks (along with Telemax in Sonora and XHST-TDT in Yucatán) where part or all of the network had commercial concessions, not noncommercial permits.

In 2015, TVT migrated to digital television. In December 2015, the IFT allowed Televisión Tabasqueña to convert its concessions from commercial to public as part of renewing them.[6]


RF VC Callsign Location ERP
34 46 XHVET-TDT La Venta 82.2 kW
34 46 XHMET-TDT Tenosique 75.8 kW
46 46 XHSTA-TDT Villahermosa 74.3 kW


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