XII Corps (Grande Armée)

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XII Corps (Grande Armée)
Active 1813
Country France First French Empire
Branch Army
Type Army Corps
Size Three infantry divisions, cavalry, artillery
Nicolas Oudinot

The XII Corps of the Grande Armée was the name of a short-lived French military unit that existed during the Napoleonic Wars. The corps was formed in the spring of 1813 and Marshal Nicolas Oudinot was appointed as its commander. The formation included one Bavarian and two French infantry divisions. In the spring campaign the corps was engaged at Lützen, Bautzen, and Luckau. After the summer 1813 armistice, the corps fought at Grossbeeren and Dennewitz. After the latter action, Emperor Napoleon dissolved the corps and assigned its units to other formations. Oudinot found employment as a commander of two divisions of the Young Guard.

Order of battle[edit]

Bautzen 1813[edit]

XII Corps: Marshal Nicolas Oudinot

  • 13th French Division: General of Division Michel-Marie Pacthod
    • Brigade: General of Brigade Bernard Pourailly
      • 1st Light Infantry Regiment (4th Battalion)
      • 7th Line Infantry Regiment (3rd and 4th Battalions)
      • 10th Line Infantry Regiment (4th Battalion)
      • 42nd Line Infantry Regiment (4th Battalion)
    • Brigade: General of Brigade Antoine Gruyer
      • 1st Neapolitan Light Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
      • 101st Line Infantry Regiment (2nd, 3rd and 4th Battalions)
  • 14th French Division: General of Division Guillaume Latrille de Lorencez
  • 29th Bavarian Division: General-Leutnant Clemens von Raglovich
    • Brigade: General-Major Karl von Beckers
      • 1st Combined Light Infantry Battalion
      • Prinz Karl Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 3 (2nd Battalion)
      • Isenburg Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 4 (2nd Battalion)
      • Herzog Pius Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 8 (2nd Battalion)
      • Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 13 (Reserve Battalion)
    • Brigade: Oberst Maillot de la Treille
      • 2nd Combined Light Infantry Battalion
      • Preysing Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 5 (2nd Battalion)
      • Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 7 (2nd Battalion)
      • Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 9 (2nd Battalion)
      • Junker Line Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (2nd Battalion)
    • Divisional artillery and cavalry:
      • Three foot artillery companies
      • Combined Chevau-léger Regiment (three squadrons)

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