XIV Corps (India)

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XIV Corps
Active 1999–Present
Country India
Branch Indian Army
Type Army Corps
Part of Army Northern Command
Garrison/HQ Leh
Anniversaries September 1
Lieutenant General P J S Pannu, AVSM,VSM
Indian Army Corps (1947 - Present)
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XIV Corps is a corps of the Indian Army. It is a part of the Army’s Udhampur-based Northern Command. It was raised after the Kargil War, in 1999, to organize troops in Ladakh.[1]

It currently consists of:[citation needed]

It was raised in 1962 even as the disastrous war was underway, from elements of HQ Nagaland and kept as an Eastern Command reserve, even though it almost always remained on CI duty.[4] after near 30 years in Eastern, the division left the theatre two decades ago for Kashmir and never returned. While on CI duty, the division was pulled out and sent to fight Pakistani infiltrators in the Matayan-Dras sectors. Then when HQ XIV Corps was raised, it took over 8 Division.

It is headquartered at Kumbathang, 28 km from Kargil. During the Kargil War it consisted of 56th Mountain Brigade, usually stationed at Matayan, 79th Mountain Brigade, usually stationed at Dras, and 192nd Mountain Brigade.[3]


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