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XNap is a free peer-to-peer client licensed under the GNU General Public License. XNap is written purely in Java. The client features a modern Swing based user interface and console support that will run well on every platform with a recent Java Runtime Environment (1.3 or higher). The XNap client was designed to allow easy extension through plugins. Actually, as of version 3.0, the client itself is mostly useless without plugins. In fact, all of the network protocol implementations are provided by plugins. Some of these plugins are merely front ends for existing network protocol implementations. Due to the extension API it was possible to write a plugin for the Gnutella network using the Limewire core within a single weekend. The developers highly recommend downloading plugins via the plugin installer that ships with XNap.

Includes plugins for OpenNap, Overnet, Gnutella, and giFT.

XNap seems to have been abandoned in mid-2004, but as of March 2006, XNap is still one of the more powerful peer-to-peer programs.

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