XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware

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XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware
Developer(s) ParetoLogic
Stable release
1.1.0 / May, 2006
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Spyware removal software
License Shareware
Website paretologic.com

XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware is a proprietary application developed by ParetoLogic Inc. for Microsoft Windows computers. The anti-spyware program is designed to run from a USB drive and protect users from malicious threats.[1] While the software is free to download and scan, the user must purchase a license to clean. The license is valid to clean multiple computers from the same U3 USB drive.[2]

Portability can be useful in situations where a computer is heavily infected, bogged down, or sluggish. By accessing the computer directly from a U3 device, XOFTspy Portable removes malware items regardless if the computer is infected and unable to download other anti-spyware programs online.[3]

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