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xOS Webtop
XOS Webtop Logo.png
xOS Webtop 3.0 Screenshot
Original author(s) XProduct
Developer(s) XProduct
Initial release December 1, 2011 (2011-12-01) - v. 3.*
Stable release
3.1 Mobile / 3.1 Webtop / January 5, 2012; 5 years ago (2012-01-05)
Preview release
Development status No Longer In Development by Original Designer (Code has been open-sourced)
Written in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Cross-platform
Size Loads up to 10MB
Available in English
Type Web application
License GPL3
Website Official xOS Webtop Website

xOS Webtop is an open source webtop OS. It is mainly written in HTML5, PHP, and JavaScript. xOS includes a Desktop or Mobile environment with features, applications, and system utilities, with more features continuously being added. It is accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (Apple), and Android (operating system) through the web browser.[1]


The first version of xOS Webtop started development in December 2010, and later became available on May 14, 2011 after several months of development. When the initial webtop did not work entirely as planned, XProduct posted a version of xOS 2.0 Desktop Edition online for public use and quickly went back into development to work on what would later become xOS Webtop 3.0.

Development on a version to follow version 2.0 first started as a beta testing version before the release of xOS 2.0 Desktop Edition; this beta was reworked from the ground up to become an entirely new version of xOS. In early July a beta of xOS Webtop 3.0 came out and soon after, xOS Webtop was seen as a webtop that was "catching up in the market."[2]

The first further development and updates on this version were fast-paced to the point of being rushed, which resulted in a sub-par experience that had many problems. During the continued development on the Desktop Edition of xOS version 3.0, a mobile version was also released (under the name xOS 3.0 Mobile) and continued to be tested and developed as well. On January 5, 2012, XProduct released the newest version of xOS Desktop Edition, version 3.1. This version includes a heavily updated interface to fix some bugs and glitches that were occurring with version 3.0, as well as a slightly improved setup and additional features. An updated Mobile Edition, also version 3.1, was released to coincide with the release of version 3.1 of the Desktop Edition, featuring an updated interface and design from the previous version. Version 3.1 is the first version of the webtop to utilize XProduct's new server, and the website was updated at a new domain xproduct.net upon the release of version 3.1.


Development has been cancelled by the original programmer, however the code has been open-sourced. Development includes fixing bugs and uploading fixes as soon as possible, and testing to make sure the program works properly and is secure. Unlike earlier versions of the Desktop Edition, XProduct is not releasing updates unless they actually work and have been tested. A tablet version of xOS is in the works to add to the Desktop and Mobile platforms. A developer page is available on the xOS Webtop website for those interested in development.[3]


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