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XStream Systems, Incorporated
Industry Pharmaceutics
Founded 2004
Headquarters Melbourne, Florida
Key people

Brian Mayo, Founder
Paul J. Micciche, Founder
William Mayo, Founder

Products EDXRD Equipment
Website veracitynetwork.com

XStream Systems Inc. is a US-based company which develops X-ray based identification equipment for research and pharmaceutical industry applications.[1] The company was sold to Veracity Network, Inc in 2011.

Company history[edit]

This company was incorporated in May, 2004. The technology used in XStream Systems' products was first developed at Rutgers University.[2] The company was the first in the industry to deploy counterfeit detection equipment along the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain that could look inside any packaging and perform forensic analysis on the drug products inside. All of XStream Systems' technology, products, and services were acquired in 2011 by Veracity Network, Inc.

Areas of expertise[edit]

Products are based on Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction (EDXRD),[3] a technology also used in synchrotrons. XStream Systems' equipment verifies molecular crystal structure[4] of materials and authenticates a pharmaceutical's composition.

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