XXIII Corps (United States)

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XXIII Corps SSI.gif
Shoulder sleeve insignia of XXIII Corps.
Active 1944–1946
Country  United States
Branch  United States Army
Type Corps
Engagements World War II
U.S. Corps (1939 - Present)
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XXII Corps (United States) XXIV Corps (United States)

The XXIII Corps was a corps-sized formation of the United States Army that was activated on January 15, 1944 at Camp Bowie, Texas during World War II. During the war, XXIII Corps served in the European Theater of Operayions (ETO) as part of the Fifteenth Army.

After the end of the war the corps was inactivated on February 10, 1946 in Germany and disbanded on July 12, 1950.


XXIII Corps served primarily as an occupation and military government force around Trier, Koblenz, and areas of western Germany (the southern area of what was termed the "Rhineprovince Military District") to the south from April 1945. The corps command post was at Idar-Oberstein.[1] The area occupied by XXIII Corps was turned over to the French Army on 10 July 1945.

As of 10 May 1945, units subordinated to the XXIII Corps included the 28th Infantry Division, the 54th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade, and the 214th, 425th, and 426th Field Artillery Groups.[2]

Campaign credits[edit]

  • European Theater without inscription


  • Maj. Gen. James A. Van Fleet
  • Maj. Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey


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