XXII Corps (United Kingdom)

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XXII Corps
Active World War I
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Type Field corps
Part of First Army

World War I

The British XXII Corps was a British infantry corps during World War I.


British XXII Corps was formed in France in December 1917, from what was left of II ANZAC, once the Australian divisions had left to form the Australian Corps.[1] In July 1918, significantly reconstituted as an inter-Allied reserve corps, by the addition of four first-line British Army divisions, the 15th (Scottish) Division, the 34th Division, the 51st (Highland) Division and the 62nd (West Riding) Division. It was placed under French command in July 1918 prior to the German "Friedensturm" (Peace Offensive). The Corps played an important role in the "pinching-off" of the Soissons–Rheims salient (which had been established by the German "Bluecher" Offensive in late May 1918) in the Second Battle of the Marne.[2] Two divisions (15th, 34th) went into action with the French Tenth Army (Mangin) against the Soissons "hinge", two (51st, 62nd) in the Ardre valley with the French Fifth Army (Berthelot) against the Rheims "hinge".

XXII Corps was returned to Haig’s command in early August 1918 to help him bring forward the start date for the Amiens offensive.[3]

General Officers Commanding[edit]

Commanders included:


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