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Jesus Loves Porn Stars
Founded June 5, 2001; 16 years ago (2001-06-05)[1]
Founder Mike Foster
Craig Gross
Type Religious charity
33-0823570 (Fireproof Ministries)
Slogan Jesus Loves Porn Stars
Website is a non-profit Christian website that aims to help those who struggle with pornography. It targets porn industry performers and consumers. The organization describes itself as a "Christian porn site designed to bring awareness, openness and accountability to those affected by pornography."[2]

Organizational history[edit]

The organization launched in January 2002 when the founders, Mike Foster and Craig Gross, set up a booth inside the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas to promote the website as an alternative to porn, and it continues to attend porn conventions worldwide.[3] The group has given out thousands of Bibles with "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" on the cover at these conventions, a facet of their ministry which has been featured in American national media.[4][5]

The organization has received support from prominent Christian pastors such as Bill Hybels,[6] Craig Groeschel and Rick Warren.[7]

Pornographic film director James DiGiorgio took photographs for XXXchurch and lost business as a result of becoming affiliated with the organization. DiGiorgio was not a Christian, but said that he was helping XXXchurch because the sex industry is "always trying to preach freedom of speech [so] anyone in this industry who has a problem with [XXXchurch's] message is a fucking hypocrite. You can't have it both ways."[8]

In 2005, the independent film Missionary Positions was released, produced and directed by Bill Day, which documented the origins of XXXchurch.[9]

Mike Foster left the organization in 2004.


Porn debates[edit]

Craig Gross, a cofounder of, [10] regularly debates porn star Ron Jeremy in an event called "The Porn Debate"[11] on college campuses across the United States. In 2008, the debate was featured on ABC News' Nightline both on air and online, with the segment becoming the most watched in Nightline's online viewing history.[12]

X3watch software[edit] produces accountability software (specialized web-surfing monitoring software) called X3watch. The software maintains a log of questionable websites that a user accesses based on content type, and then sends a report to an "accountability partner" of the person's choosing. Such software can be useful for individuals trying to avoid pornography use.[13]

Podcast and radio[edit]

In 2008, the organization launched a video podcast that documents the current campaigns of XXXchurch, which is released every two weeks on and iTunes.[14] It also has several radio public service announcements airing across the US and abroad on various radio stations and syndicated programs such as RadioU,[15] Refuge Radio,[16] Malone University Radio,[17] The Full Armor of God Broadcast[18] and Fuel Radio[19]

Blog[edit] runs a blog which discusses the impact of pornography and sex on the daily lives of individuals. The organization believes that open discussion about these typically taboo topics can be beneficial.[20]

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