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"Dame/Crazy Rainbow (×〜ダメ〜/Crazy Rainbow?)"
X DAMECrazy Rainbow A.jpg
Single by Tackey & Tsubasa
Released April 18, 2007
Format CD single, CD+DVD
Genre J-pop
Label Avex Trax
Tackey & Tsubasa singles chronology
"Ho! Summer"
"Dame/Crazy Rainbow"
Alternative cover
The regular coverart of "Dame/Crazy Rainbow"

"Dame/Crazy Rainbow" (×~ダメ~/Crazy Rainbow?) is Tackey & Tsubasa's eighth single under the Avex Trax label, and is their first single for 2007.


"Dame/Crazy Rainbow" is Tackey & Tsubasa's eighth single, and their first single for 2007. First a-side song, "Dame", is being used as the commercial theme song for the music service sites "Joy Sound", "dwango.jp", and "nusic.jp".[1] The second a-side song, "Crazy Rainbow", was used as the eighth opening theme song for the anime One Piece.[1]

As with their other singles, "Dame/Crazy Rainbow" was released in three different versions, each version coming with a different cover, along with different limited bonus material. Version A of the CD included a limited edition DVD with music clips of "Dame" and "Crazy Rainbow", and choreography lessons for the song "Dame". The B Version of the single included a limited DVD with the eighth opening theme song of "One Piece", a twelve-page photo booklet, and a "One Piece" sticker. The regular

Track listing[edit]

CD+DVD Format - Jacket A[edit]

CD Portion[edit]

  1. "Dame (×~ダメ~?)"
  2. "Crazy Rainbow"
  3. "Sadame (運命 (さだめ)?)" (Hideaki Takizawa solo)
  4. "Edge" (Imai Tsubasa solo)
  5. "×~ダメ~ karaoke"

DVD Portion[edit]

  1. "×~ダメ~ & Crazy Rainbow Music Clip Special Edition"
  2. "×~ダメ~ Choreography Lesson"
  3. "×~ダメ~ Choreography Lesson (Tackey Angle)"
  4. "×~ダメ~ Choreography Lesson (Tsubasa Angle)"

One Piece Collaboration CD+DVD Format - Jacket B[edit]

CD Portion[edit]

  1. "Crazy Rainbow"
  2. "Dame (×~ダメ~?)"
  3. "Sadame (運命 (さだめ)?)" (Hideaki Takizawa solo)
  4. "Edge" (Imai Tsubasa solo)
  5. "Crazy Rainbow: karaoke"

DVD Portion[edit]

  1. "Crazy Rainbow: One Piece X Tackey & Tsubasa Original Animation Music Clip"
  2. "Crazy Rainbow: One Piece No Subtitles Opening

Regular CD Format - Jacket C[edit]

  1. "Dame (×~ダメ~?)"
  2. "Crazy Rainbow"
  3. "Sadame (運命 (さだめ)?)" (Hideaki Takizawa solo)
  4. "Edge" (Imai Tsubasa solo)
  5. "×~ダメ~ (Tackey Part Version)"
  6. "×~ダメ~ (Tsubasa Part Version)"
  7. "Crazy Rainbow (Tackey Part Version)"
  8. "Crazy Rainbow (Tsubasa Part Version)"



Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
April 18, 2007 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 65,613 97,279 5 weeks


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