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X is the twenty-fourth letter of the Latin alphabet.

X may also refer to:




  • In astronomy, X stands for a comet of unknown orbit
  • In electronics, X stands for reactance, the imaginary part of electrical impedance
  • In physics, X stands for the X unit
  • In biology, × (or x) is often used in binomial nomenclature as part of a hybrid name
  • X-wave, a type of waveform
  • X band, part of the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • X radiation, made up of X-rays (Roentgen radiation)
  • X chromosome, one of the two sex-determining chromosomes in many animal species, including mammals
  • X (charge), a conserved quantum number in particle physics
  • Extension (x), the change in length of wire when force is applied to a it under Hooke's law
  • X, the abbreviation for mole fraction
  • In organic chemistry, the representation of a halide in chemical formulas; for example in functional groups
  • Planet X, a hypothesised planet in the outer solar system
  • Galaxy X (galaxy), a dark galaxy


  • Clarence 13X, founder of the 5 Percent Nation.
  • Clyde X, Nation of Islam official
  • Laura X, feminist historian
  • Little X, also known as Lil X, a Canadian music video director
  • Princess X (musician), former stage name of musician Liza Fox
  • Malcolm X (1925–1965), civil rights activist
  • Michael X (1933–1975), activist and criminal
  • Khoisan X (1955–2010), political activist
  • X, the girl in the X Case, a landmark court case about abortion in Ireland





  • The X (TV series), a Canadian children's television program produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • The X's, an American animated television series
  • Kamen Rider X, a Japanese television series and part of the Kamen Rider franchise
  • WXSP-CD, a Class-A television station in Grand Rapids, Michigan branded as "The X"
  • X'ed, to be the victim of a hidden camera prank on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


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Bands and artists[edit]

  • X (American band), American punk band
  • X (Australian band), Australian punk band
  • X Japan, Japanese metal band, originally named X from 1982–1992
  • Group X, British instrumental band from the 1960s
  • Gröûp X, comical faux Saudi Arabian band who are actually American
  • Shaun Ryder sometimes uses the pseudonym X (born 1962)
  • Director X (born 1975), Canadian music video director also known as X and as Little X



  • KCXX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 103.9 FM", a rock n' roll radio station in the Inland Empire, Southern California
  • KTHX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 100.1 FM", a rock n' roll radio station in Reno, Nevada
  • WXLV (FM), former call sign brandeds as "90.3 "The X"", a college radio station in Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • KXXR, also known as "93X", an active rock radio station in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • WBSX, also known as 97.9X in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazelton, Pennsylvania
  • WNFZ, also known as "94.3 the X", a modern rock radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • WQXA, also known as 105.7 "The 'X'", a modern rock radio station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • WRAX, also known as "The 'X' at 100.5", a former call sign for WMMM radio station in Birmingham, Alabama
  • WSUN-FM, also known as "97X", a modern rock radio station in Tampa, Florida
  • WXDX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 105.9", a modern rock radio station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • WZDA, formerly known as "103.9 The 'X'", a modern rock radio station in Dayton, Ohio
  • WXLP, also known as "97X," a classic hits station in the Quad Cities, Iowa-Illinois, licensed to Moline, Illinois
  • 99X (Atlanta), a modern rock radio station in Atlanta, Georgia now heard only on HD
  • XETRA-FM, also known as "91X", a modern rock radio station in San Diego, California
  • XFM is a commercial radio station in London and Manchester, UK, owned by Global Radio
  • The initial letter of many stations originating in Mexico
  • WROX-FM, also known as "96X," a modern rock radio station in Norfolk, Virginia

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