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X Factor
Series 3
Broadcast fromSeptember 22 (2013-09-22) –
December 22, 2013 (2013-12-22)
JudgesDan Bittman
Delia Matache
Presenter(s)Răzvan Simion
Dani Oțil (A1)
BroadcasterAntena 1
Florin Ristei
MentorDelia Matache
Alex Mațaev

X Factor is a Romanian television music competition that aims to find a new music talent to become a star. The third season began airing on 23 September 2013 on Antena 1. The winner will receive a prize of €120,000 (decreased from €200,000 last season).[1]

This season has the slogan "Muzică și suflet" ("Music and soul").

The hosts are the same as in the first and second season: Răzvan Simion and Dani Oțil, who are also known for hosting a well-known morning show on Antena 1. Dan Bittman, Delia Matache and Cheloo have returned as judges for the third season.

The registration started for the third season in June 2013. Antena 1 made changes on the list for the audition cities: Craiova was dropped, Arad and Bucharest[2] were added.

On December 22, 2013, the season was won by Florin Ristei, mentored by Matache. Alex Mațaev, mentored also by Matache finished in second place.


Series 3 judges

Selection process[edit]


Cities that auditions and/or pre-auditions were held in.

Audition process was based on the British and American version. First up were "The Producer's Audition", where the producers chose singers to proceed to the second faze which was "The Audition before the Judging panel". The first auditions took place at Craiova, on 2 June. They then took place in Arad, on June 5 in Cluj Napoca on June 8, 2013, on June 11 in Iași,[3] on June 14 in Constanța and concluded on June 17, 2013 in Bucharest.

Summary of auditions
City Auditions date [4] Venue
Craiova June 2, 2013 Craiova University
Arad June 5, 2013 Hotel Parc
Cluj Napoca June 8, 2013 Iulius Mall
Iași June 11, 2013 Palas Mall
Constanța June 14, 2013 Bavaria Blu - Mamaia
Bucharest June 17, 2013 Children's Palace


In a change to the usual format, the judges were allocated their categories before bootcamp. Cheloo will mentor the Groups, Matache took the Over 20s and Bittman had the Under 20s. The group Bruiaj (Eliza Bunu and Rareş Raicu) was formed in bootcamp. After the bootcamp period, there were 32 acts left.

The 32 acts who reached the Judges' Houses:

  • Under 20s: Ana-Maria Mihăieș, Andrei Ciobanu, Alexandru Simion, Bogdan Bratiș, Florena Țicu Șandro, Rodica Tudor, Mihai Tăbăcaru, Claudiu Nergheș, Andrei Raețchi, Alexandru Ionașc, Andreea Lazăr, Ruxandra Tomulesei and Mădălina Lefter
  • Groups: Bruiaj, Cat Girls, Chillout, Căminu' 16, Double X, Fără Titlu, November and Quattro
  • Over 20s: Alex Mațaev, Diana Vartolomei, Dumitru Botnaru, Florin Ristei, Maria Roșculete, Larisa Vâna, Eliza Nirlu, Mihai Tăbăcaru, Miruna Diaconescu, Isabella Covrig, Paolo Lagana and Oana Muntean

Judges house[edit]

The judges' home visit was the last stage of the selection process. The episode were aired on 17 November 2013. Each judge took the remaining members of their category to an overseas location, and had guests to assist them in their decisions. Cheloo was assisted by Mihaela Rădulescu, Delia was advised by Mihai Bendeac and Bittman was by Simona Gherghe. In this stage Bella from November was eliminated by her mentor and the group November remained with only two members.

The seventeen eliminated acts were:

  • Under 20s: Andrei Ciobanu, Alexandru Simion, Rodica Tudor, Mihai Tăbăcaru, Andrei Raețchi, Alexandru Ionașc, Andreea Lazăr
  • Groups: Chillout, Fără Titlu, Cat Girls
  • Over 20s: Diana Vartolomei, Maria Roșculete, Larisa Vâna, Eliza Nirlu, Claudiu Nergheș, Miruna Diaconescu, Isabella Covrig


The 15 finalists were confirmed as follows:


     – Winner
     – Runner-up
     – Third place
Category (mentor) Acts[5]
Under 20s (Bittman) Bogdan Bratiș Mădălina Lefter Ana-Maria Mihăieș Florena Țicu Șandro Ruxandra Tomulesei
Over 20s (Matache) Dumitru Botnaru Paolo Lagana Alex Mațaev Oana Muntean Florin Ristei
Groups (Cheloo) Bruiaj Căminu' 16 Double X November Quattro

Results summary[edit]

Color key
     – Winner
     – Contestant was in the bottom two and had to sing again in the final showdown
     – Contestant received the fewest public votes and was immediately eliminated (no final showdown)
Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Round 1 Round 2 Round 1 Round 2
Florin Ristei Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Safe Winner
Alex Mațaev Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-up
Mădălina Lefter Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Safe 3rd Eliminated (week 5)
Bogdan Bratiș Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Safe 4th Eliminated (week 5)
Double X Safe Safe Bottom two Safe 5th Eliminated (week 4)
November Safe Bottom two Safe 6th Eliminated (week 4)
Florena Țicu Șandro Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated (Week 3)
Oana Muntean Bottom two Bottom two Bottom two Eliminated (Week 3)
Bruiaj Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated (Week 3)
Căminu' 16 Bottom two Bottom two Eliminated (Week 2)
Paolo Lagana Safe Bottom two Eliminated (Week 2)
Ana-Maria Mihăieș Bottom two Bottom two Eliminated (Week 2)
Quattro Bottom two Eliminated (Week 1)
Ruxandra Tomulesei Bottom two Eliminated (Week 1)
Dumitru Botnaru Bottom two Eliminated (Week 1)
Final showdown Dumitru Botnaru,
Oana Muntean
Ana-Maria Mihăieș,
Mădălina Lefter
Double X
No judges' vote or final showdown:
public votes alone decide
who is eliminated
Ana-Maria Mihăieș,
Ruxandra Tomulesei
Oana Muntean,
Paolo Lagana
Oana Muntean,
Florin Ristei
Căminu' 16,
Căminu' 16,
Florena Țicu Șandro,
Bogdan Bratiș
Bittman's vote to eliminate Ruxandra Tomulesei Ana-Maria Mihăieș Florena Țicu Șandro
Matache's vote to eliminate Dumitru Botnaru Paolo Lagana Oana Muntean
Cheloo's vote to eliminate Quattro Căminu' 16 Bruiaj
Eliminated Ruxandra Tomulesei
by Bittman
Ana-Maria Mihăieș
by Bittman
Florena Țicu Șandro
by Bittman
Public vote
Double X
Public vote
Bogdan Bratiș
Public vote
Alex Mațaev
Public vote
to win
Dumitru Botnaru
by Matache
Paolo Lagana
by Matache
Oana Muntean
by Matache
Mădălina Lefter
Public vote
Florin Ristei
Public vote
to win
by Cheloo
Căminu' 16
by Cheloo
by Cheloo
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Live Shows[edit]

The live shows underwent a change in this season. In the first three live shows, each category will have its own final showdown, the result of which is decided solely by its mentor. The outcome of the fourth show will only rely on the public vote and will have two eliminations (one of which will happen halfway through of the show, when the voting will have been frozen). Thus, the final will have four contestants (not three as in previous seasons). Two of the finalists will be eliminated halfway through the final show, when the voting will have been frozen. The winner is still determined by the public vote.[1]

Week 1 (24 November)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the first live show[21]
Act Order Song Result
Dumitru Botnaru 1 "Livin' la Vida Loca" Bottom two
Oana Muntean 2 "Unfaithful" Bottom two
Florin Ristei 3 "Locked Out of Heaven" Safe
Alex Mațaev 4 "Impossible" Safe
Paolo Lagana 5 "Paparazzi" Safe
Ana-Maria Mihăieș 6 "Memories" Bottom two
Ruxandra Tomulesei 7 "Hurt" Bottom two
Bogdan Bratiș 8 "This Love" Safe
Mădălina Lefter 9 "Listen" Safe
Florena Țicu Șandro 10 "Girl on Fire" Safe
Quattro 11 "Candyman" Bottom two
Căminu' 16 12 "Two Princes" Bottom two
Double X 13 "Doo Wop (That Thing)" Safe
November 14 "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" Safe
Bruiaj 15 "Jump Around" Safe
Final showdown details
Dumitru Botnaru 1 "Wild Dances" Eliminated
Oana Muntean 2 "If You Could See Me Now" Safe
Ana-Maria Mihăieș 1 "Rolling in the Deep" Safe
Ruxandra Tomulesei 2 "Euphoria" Eliminated
Căminu' 16 1 "Angels" Safe
Quattro 2 "Don't Let Go (Love)" Eliminated
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Matache: Dumitru Botnaru - gave no reason
  • Bittman: Ruxandra Tomulesei - based on the performances
  • Cheloo: Quattro - gave no reason

Week 2 (29 November)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the second live show[23]
Act Order Song Result
Ana-Maria Mihăieș 1 "Zig-Zagga" Bottom two
Florena Țicu Șandro 2 "Timpul" Safe
Mădălina Lefter 3 "Inevitabil va fi bine" Bottom two
Bogdan Bratiș 4 "Prăjitura cu jeleu" Safe
Oana Muntean 5 "Un actor grăbit" Bottom two
Paolo Lagana 6 "Te-aștept să vii" Bottom two
Florin Ristei 7 "De-ai fi tu salcie" Safe
Alex Mațaev 8 "Vama Veche" Safe
Bruiaj 9 "Vino la mine" Safe
Căminu' 16 10 "Perfect fără tine" Bottom two
November 11 "Change" Bottom two
Double X 12 "Iarna pe val" Safe
Final showdown details
Ana-Maria Mihăieș 1 "Grenade" Eliminated
Mădălina Lefter 2 "Bound to You" Safe
Oana Muntean 1 "Raggamuffin" Safe
Paolo Lagana 2 "Proud Mary" Eliminated
Căminu' 16 1 "Sex Bomb" Eliminated
November 2 "Thrift Shop" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Matache: Paolo Lagana - praised his attitude, but went with Oana for her voice
  • Bittman: Ana-Maria Mihăieș - gave no reason
  • Cheloo: Căminu' 16 - said he trusted in the other group's abilities

Week 3 (8 December)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Result
Bruiaj 1 "I'll Be Missing You" Bottom two
Double X 2 "In the End" Bottom two
November 3 "Love the Way You Lie" Safe
Florin Ristei 4 "Don't Stop Me Now" Bottom two
Oana Muntean 5 "Empire State of Mind" Bottom two
Alex Mațaev 6 "It's My Life" Safe
Florena Țicu Șandro 7 "We Found Love" Bottom two
Bogdan Bratiș 8 "Mirrors" Bottom two
Mădălina Lefter 9 "Someone Like You" Safe
Final showdown details
Bruiaj 1 "I Need a Doctor" Eliminated
Double X 2 "Paradise City" Safe
Oana Muntean 1 "You Know I'm No Good" Eliminated
Florin Ristei 2 "I'll Make Love to You" / "End of the Road" Safe
Florena Țicu Șandro 1 "Don't You Remember" Eliminated
Bogdan Bratiș 2 "Home" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate
  • Matache: Oana Muntean - based on performance
  • Bittman: Florena Țicu Șandro - based on performance
  • Cheloo: Bruiaj - gave no reason

Week 4: Semi-final (15 December)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the fourth live show [32]
Act Order Song [30] Result
First Round
Double X 1 "România nu-i jucăria ta" (with CRBL) Safe
Mădălina Lefter 2 "Je t'aime" (with Luminița Anghel) Safe
Alex Mațaev 3 "Just Give Me a Reason" (with Paula Seling) Safe
November 4 "Breathe" (with Dragoş Udilă) Eliminated
Bogdan Bratiș 5 "20 de ani" (with Călin Goia) Safe
Florin Ristei 6 "Somebody That I Used to Know" (with Lora) Safe
Second Round
Double X 1 "Sing for the Moment" Eliminated
Mădălina Lefter 2 "I Have Nothing" Safe
Alex Mațaev 3 "Sex on Fire" Safe
Bogdan Bratiș 4 "Stop and Stare" Safe
Florin Ristei 5 "Fairytale" Safe

Week 5: Final (22 December)[edit]

Round 1
Contestants' performances on the fifth live show[36]
Act Order First song (duet) Order Second song Result
Bogdan Bratiș 1 "Vreau o minune" (with Dan Bittman) 5 "Zece" Eliminated
Mădălina Lefter 6 "Ochii tăi" (with Dan Bittman) 2 "De-ar fi să vii" Eliminated
Florin Ristei 3 "Stay" (with Delia) 7 "Cerul" Safe
Alex Mațaev 8 "Read All About It" (with Delia) 4 "Acasă" Safe
Round 2
Contestants' performances on the final live show[37][38]
Act Order Song Result
Alex Mațaev 1 "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Runner-up
Florin Ristei 2 "Bed of Roses" Winner[39]

Artists' appearances on earlier talent shows[edit]

Laganá performing..jpg


One of the contestants, Paolo Laganá (an Italian living in Romania at the time of the contest), made known his homosexuality on his entrance forms, which eventually drew ire and epithets from judge Cheloo. The offending remarks were edited from the broadcast, but may have affected the outcome of the contest in which Laganá was eliminated early. The event drew outcries from the Italian LGBT community, with calls for action from the Italian Ministry of the Exterior.[42]

After the show, Laganá left Romania and moved to Berlin, where he changed his name into FDAEJI.[43]


Ep Title Date National Urban Source
1 Auditions 1 23 September 2013 1 593 8.4 1 093 9.0 [44][45]
2 Auditions 2 29 September 2013 1 634 8.6 998 9.5 [46]
3 Auditions 3 6 October 2013 1 614 8.5 1 079 10.3 [47]
4 Auditions 4 13 October 2013 1 872 9.8 1 247 11.9 [48]
5 Auditions 5 20 October 2013 1 518 8.0 1 018 9.7 [49]
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8 Auditions 8/Bootcamp 10 November 2013 1 254 6.6 891 8.5 [52]
9 Judges house 17 November 2013 1 189 6.2 830 7.9 [53]
10 Live Show 1 24 November 2013 890 4.7 635 6.1 [54]
11 Live Show 2 29 November 2013 1 037 5,4 712 6,8 [55]
12 Live Show 3 8 December 2013 748 3,9 539 5,1 [56]
13 Semifinal 15 December 2013 986 5,2 669 6,4 [57]
14 Final 22 December 2013


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