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X Games XVI was an action sporting event which took place from July 29 – August 1, 2010 in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center, L.A. Live and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The games featured the sports of Moto X, skateboarding, BMX, and rallying.


Moto X[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Moto X Adaptive[1] Mike Schultz 5:56.564 Todd Thompson 5:58.119 Beau Meier 6:05.787
Moto X Super X[2] Josh Grant 13:08.835 Justin Brayton 13:14.247 Josh Hansen 13:15.431
Women's Moto X Super X[3] Ashley Fiolek 6:37.142 Tarah Gieger 6:43.741 Sara Price 6:46.211
Moto X Freestyle[4] Travis Pastrana 80 Levi Sherwood 79 Nate Adams 71
Moto X Step Up[5] Matt Buyten 33'6" Ronnie Renner 32'6" Todd Potter 30'6"
Moto X Best Whip*[6] Todd Potter 54% Jarryd McNeil 19% Jeremy Stenberg 11%
Moto X Best Trick[7] Cam Sinclair 94.33 Robbie Maddison 93.66 Taka Higashino 90.66
Moto X Speed & Style[8] Travis Pastrana Nate Adams Jeremy Stenberg / Ronnie Faisst

*Competition decided by fan text message voting.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Skateboard Big Air[9] Jake Brown 93.66 Bob Burnquist 93.00 Rob Lorifice 87.66
Women's Skateboard Vert[10] Gaby Ponce Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Karen Jonz
Skateboard Vert[11] Pierre-Luc Gagnon 93 Shaun White 85 Andy Macdonald 79
Skateboard Vert Am[12] Italo Penarrubia 90 Sam Bosworth 76 Jono Schwan 70
Skateboard Vert Best Trick[13] Pierre-Luc Gagnon 14.33 Colin McKay 13.33 Bob Burnquist 11.33
Skateboard Street[14] Ryan Sheckler 92.66 Nyjah Huston 91.33 Ryan Decenzo 90.00
Women's Skateboard Street[15] Alexis Sablone 86.00 Leticia Bufoni 85.66 Marisa Dal Santo 83.00
Skateboard Park Legends[16] Christian Hosoi 86 Chris Miller 74 Steve Caballero 64
Game of SK8*[17] Tommy Sandoval Sierra Fellers Nick Trapasso
Skateboard Park[18] Pedro Barros 86 Andy Macdonald 81 Kevin Kowalski 78

*Finalists determined by a best-video contest.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
BMX Freestyle Vert[19] Jamie Bestwick 90 Steve McCann 80 Simon Tabron 80
BMX Freestyle Park[20] Daniel Dhers 79 Dennis Enarson 76 Gary Young 69
BMX Freestyle Big Air[21] Chad Kagy 91.66 Steve McCann 89.33 Andy Buckworth 86.33
BMX Freestyle Street[22] Garrett Reynolds 96.33 Dennis Enarson 90.00 Brian Kachinsky 88.00


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Rally Car Racing[23] Tanner Foust Brian Deegan Andrew Comrie-Picard / Antoine L'Estage
Rally Car Super Rally[24] Tanner Foust Brian Deegan Samuel Hubinette


  • Deaf rider Ashley Fiolek wins her second consecutive gold medal in Women's Moto X Super X.
  • Travis Pastrana completes a Double Backflip and wins the gold medal in Freestyle Moto X after a three-year hiatus from the event.
  • Cam Sinclair completes a Double Backflip and wins the gold medal in Moto X Best Trick, coming back from a devastating accident which left him in a coma for 7 days.
  • Three time defending Moto X Best Trick gold medalist Kyle Loza withdraws from the competition with an injury.
  • Paris Rosen crashes while attempting to complete a Front Flip in Moto X Best Trick and has to be carried away on a stretcher.
  • Jake Brown and Bob Burnquist each attempt to complete the first 900 in a Skateboard Big Air competition. Both fail, and Brown wins his second consecutive gold medal.
  • Pierre-Luc Gagnon wins his third consecutive gold medal in Skateboard Vert.
  • 15-year-old Nyjah Huston wins the silver medal in Skateboard Street.
  • 15-year-old Pedro Barros beats out 37-year-old Andy Macdonald for the gold medal in Skateboard Park. 14-year-old Curren Caples places 4th.
  • Jamie Bestwick wins his fourth consecutive gold medal in BMX Freestyle Vert.
  • Garrett Reynolds wins his third consecutive gold medal in BMX Freestyle Street.
  • In the elimination round of BMX Freestyle Street, Sean Burns jumps out of the arena, dropping down the concrete below.
  • Travis Pastrana crashes in the quarterfinal round of Rally Car Racing, eliminating him from the competition and forcing him to withdraw from Rally Car Super Rally.


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