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Travis Pastrana, Colin McRae and Ken Block at the X Games XIII.

X Games XIII (13) took place from August 2–5, 2007 in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center and the Home Depot Center. It was broadcast on the ESPN networks, EXPN.com, and ABC.

Events included:

Highlights and results[edit]

Day 1 - Thursday, August 2nd[edit]

  • Jake Brown lost his board on his way up the quarterpipe during a skateboard run in the Big Air contest, falling over 40 feet to the floor. Incredibly, he managed to walk away from the fall, but suffered a bruised liver, fractured wrist, and bruised lung. In replays, it was shown that he changed direction at the last second which forced his back foot to push the board away from him. This allowed him and his board to follow in different directions. Jake Brown would be released from the hospital on August 4 and was at the Moto X Freestyle preliminaries though he was walking with a cane.

Men's Skateboard Big Air[edit]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Bob Burnquist 95.66
Silver Jake Brown 95.33
Bronze Pierre Luc Gagnon 93.00
  • In the Moto X Best Trick competition, Scott Murray attempted the double backflip on his motorcycle, but came up short. The bike was damaged beyond repair for a second run.
  • Kyle Loza wins the Best Trick competition with a body varial trick he calls "The Volt".

Day 2 - Friday, August 3rd[edit]

Men's Skateboard Street[edit]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Chris Cole 94.33
Silver Greg Lutzka 93.41
Bronze Jereme Rogers 87.41

Women's Skateboard Vert[edit]

Place Athlete
Gold Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
Silver Mimi Knoop
Bronze Cara-Beth Burnside

Women's Skateboard Street[edit]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Marisa Dal Santa 86.08
Silver Elissa Steamer 80.33
Bronze Amy Caron 80.16
  • Kevin Robinson wins Gold in the BMX Big Air competition, reaching a height above the vert ramp of at least 20 feet. Mat Hoffman returned to compete in Big Air after a 5-year hiatus.

BMX Big Air[edit]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Kevin Robinson 95.33
Silver Steve McCann 93.00
Bronze Anthony Napolitan 92.66

Moto X Step Up[edit]

Place Athlete Elimination Height
Gold Ronnie Renner
Silver Tommy Clowers 32’
Bronze Matt Buyten 32’

Note: This was the first year that competitors had to win to medal.

Day 3 - Saturday, August 4th[edit]

BMX Park[edit]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Daniel Dhers 91.66
Silver Scotty Cranmer 90.33
Bronze Dave Mirra 88.00

BMX Vert[edit]

Place Athlete Score
Gold Jamie Bestwick 93.66
Silver Simon Tabron 92.66
Bronze Kevin Robinson 88.33

Moto X Racing[edit]

Place Athlete
Gold Ricky Carmichael
Silver Grant Langston
Bronze Kevin Windham

Moto X Freestyle[edit]

Place Athlete
Gold Adam Jones
Silver Nate Adams
Bronze Jeremy Stenberg

Moto X Super Moto[edit]

Place Athlete
Gold Mark Burkhart
Silver Jeff Ward
Bronze David Pingree

Day 4 - Sunday, August 5th[edit]

Men's Skateboard Vert[edit]

Place Athlete
Gold Shaun White
Silver Pierre Luc Gagnon
Bronze Mathias Ringstrom

This year introduced a new rule that stated that once a rider "bailed" or had fallen, their run was over, reinforcing the medal contention.


Place Driver/Co-Driver
Gold Tanner Foust/Chrissie Beavis
Silver Ken Block/Alex Gelsomino
Bronze Travis Pastrana/Christian Edström

Pastrana/Edström were disqualified in the semifinals after crossing into their competitors' lane just before the finish against Foust/Beavis. Pastrana defeated Ramana Lagemann for the bronze medal. Lagemann replaced Colin McRae in the bronze race because McRae's car was too heavily damaged.

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