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X Games XV was the fifteenth annual X Games extreme sports event. It took place from July 30 - August 2, 2009, in Los Angeles, California, at the Staples Center and the Home Depot Center. It was broadcast on ESPN networks, ABC, and EXPN.com.

The game featured the sports of motocross, skateboarding, BMX, surfing, and rallying.


Moto X[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Moto X Best Whip[1] Todd Potter 42.00 James Stewart 21.00 Ricky Carmichael 17.00
Moto X Step Up[2] Ricky Carmichael
Ronnie Renner
34'0" Matt Buyten 33'0"
Moto X Super X Adaptive[3] Chris Ridgway 5:14.691 Mike Schultz 5:24.884 Jason Woods 5:31.501
Moto X Best Trick[4] Kyle Loza 89.20 Blake Williams 88.00 Todd Potter 83.40
Moto X SuperMoto[5] Ivan Lazzarini 1772.71 Mark Burkhart 1774.38 Adrien Chareyre 1785.00
Moto X Super X[6] Josh Hansen 16:49.871 Justin Brayton 16:58.138 Kevin Windham 17:05.804
Women's Moto X Super X[7] Ashley Fiolek 6:12.472 Jessica Patterson 6:15.818 Elizabeth Bash 6:37.318
Moto X Freestyle[8] Blake Williams 87 Jeremy Stenberg 86 Nate Adams 82


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Women's Skateboard Vert[9] Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Karen Jonz Gaby Ponce 17.00
Women's Skateboard Street[10] Marisa Dal Santo 374 Alexis Sablone 353Category:X Games Elissa Steamer 350
Skateboard Big Air[11] Jake Brown 94.00 Bob Burnquist 94.00 Rob Lorifice 92.33
Skateboard Vert Am[12] Sam Bosworth 85 Sam Beckett 76 Pedro Barros 73
Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam[13] Danny Way 92.00 Bob Burnquist 89.00 Rob Lorifice 88.33
Skateboard Street[14] Paul Rodriguez 390 Nyjah Huston 364 Adam Dyet 349
Skateboard Vert[15] Pierre-Luc Gagnon 93 Bucky Lasek 91 Andy Macdonald 84
Skateboard Park[16] Rune Glifberg 125 Andy Macdonald 118 Chad Bartie 115
Skateboard Park Legends[17] Christian Hosoi 126 Chris Miller 124 Lance Mountain 112


Event Gold Silver Bronze
BMX Freestyle Street[18] Garrett Reynolds 410 Nathan Williams 394 Van Homan 391
BMX Freestyle Big Air[19] Kevin Robinson 91.00 Chad Kagy 90.33 Dave Mirra 89.66
BMX Freestyle Park[20] Scotty Cranmer 133 Diogo Canina 130 Gary Young 128
BMX Freestyle Vert[21] Jamie Bestwick 93 Simon Tabron 87 Dennis McCoy 97


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Rally Car Racing[22] Kenny Bräck Travis Pastrana Tanner Foust / Brian Deegan


Highlights from the competition include:

  • Jake Brown wins gold in Skateboard Big Air, two years after he suffered a horrific crash in the same event.
  • Danny Way wins the inaugural Big Air Rail Jam, a contest which he created.
  • Josh Hansen, son of champion Moto X rider Donnie Hansen, wins his second consecutive gold in Moto X Super X.
  • Kyle Loza becomes the first person to win three consecutive gold medals in Moto X Best Trick in controversial fashion by using the same trick he used to win in 2008, The Electric Doom.
  • Ricky Carmichael suffers an injury during Moto X Step Up. Due to the circumstances, dual gold medals were awarded to Carmichael and to Ronnie Renner.
  • Anthony Napolitan lands the first ever double front flip on a bicycle.
  • Blake Williams becomes the first non-American rider to win Moto X Freestyle gold.
  • Jamie Bestwick wins his third consecutive gold in BMX Vert.
  • Pierre-Luc Gagnon wins his second consecutive gold in Skateboard Vert.
  • Travis Pastrana crashes in the final round of Rally Car Racing, while neck-and-neck with Kenny Bräck who then could go on to win the gold.[23]


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