Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina

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The Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina, also known as the Xanadu Princess Resort & Marina, is a resort and marina on the island of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas. Built in 1968, the resort was purchased by Howard Hughes in 1972 and was for several years the most celebrated resort in the Caribbean and served as a hideaway for the Hollywood jet set of the era. The resort comprises 20 acres (81,000 m2) of beachfront, 215 rooms, and an 80 slip marina on the southern coast of Grand Bahama.

Since its opening, the resort and the events that took place within its grounds have appeared on the front pages of tabloids with visits from The Rat Pack, including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, as well as other celebrities of the era such as Cary Grant and Lucille Ball.

The resort was purchased by Howard Hughes in 1972 who moved into the penthouse floors of the resort in December 20, 1973,[1] living there until February 10, 1976,[2] two months before his death. After his death, the resort was sold. However, the penthouse floor in which he lived for the last four years of his life remained empty for over 10 years, until a renovation in 1987.[3]