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Xanthomendoza hasseana 82294.jpg
Xanthomendoza hasseana
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Teloschistales
Family: Teloschistaceae
Genus: Xanthomendoza
S.Y.Kondr. & Kärnefelt (1997)
Type species
Xanthomendoza mendozae
(Räsänen) S.Y.Kondr. & Kärnefelt (1997)

Xanthomendoza is a genus of small, bright orange foliose lichens with lecanorine apothecia. It is in the family Teloschistaceae.[1][2] The genus contains 17 species distributed in the Americas.[3] Members of the genus are commonly called sunburst lichens or orange lichens because of their bright orange color.[1]:130

Members Xanthomendoza were formerly classified in the genus Xanthoria, but Xanthomendoza members have rhizenes or scattered holdfasts, while Xanoria do not, and they have different conidia.[1]

Lichen spot tests on the upper cortex are K+ purple, KC-, C-, and P-.[1]



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