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Xanthu 01.jpg
Notable characters Star Boy
Kid Quantum
Uncanny Amazers
First appearance Adventure Comics #282 (March 1961)
Publisher DC Comics

Xanthu is a fictional planet in the 30th century DC Comics Universe.

Xanthu is a modern world with full membership in the United Planets.

Xanthu is the homeworld of Legionnaire Thom Kallor a.k.a. "Star Boy" and later a.k.a. Justice Society of America member "Starman". He was actually born on an orbiting station above the planet, and his mass-induction abilities are not shared by the natives of his homeworld.

Pre-Zero Hour, Xanthu was also home to the super-hero Atmos, who took the role as the primary super-hero on the world given Star Boy being away most of the time. When Atmos went missing, Xanthu attempted to force Star Boy to return full-time as their protector.

Post-Zero Hour, Xanthu was home to a superhero team called the Uncanny Amazers, of which Star Boy and both Kid Quantums were former members. Several of them were killed during a crossover that occurred in Starman #50, at which time Star Boy learned that he was destined to go back in time and become the 21st century Starman.

Xanthu was one of the first planets to leave the United Planets in the belief that the Affiliated Planets offered more protection. Following the revelation that the Affiliated Planets was a front for the Dark Circle, Xanthu remained with the reformed group.

Xanthu was a beachhead of an invasion of United Planets space by a robot army named "Robotica".

It has not been seen since the latest Legion reboot.