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Genre Talk show
Presented by Peppi Azzopardi
Country of origin Malta
Original language(s) Maltese
Location(s) Where's Everybody
Gwardamanġa, Malta
Production company(s) Where's Everybody
Original network Television Malta
Original release 4 April 1997 (1997-04-04) – present
Related shows Bijografiji
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Xarabank is a prime time talk show produced by Where's Everybody that airs every Friday on the Maltese national television station TVM. The show is presented by Peppi Azzopardi. Various topics are discussed, from politics to hobbies.

The name comes from the Maltese word for "bus", as on a Maltese bus one finds different people with different opinions who end up discussing and arguing on different topics.

Xarabank is Malta's most watched television programme[citation needed] and it is the only discussion programme in Malta that has a live audience who can participate by having his/her say live. Xarabank is broadcast every Friday evening on TVM, Malta's national TV station, between October and July each year and has been on air since 4 April 1997. Xarabank investigates, discusses different issues and sometimes entertains.

The show main theme music is "Xarabank oweyo oweyo!"

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