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Xaver Frick (22 February 1913 – 10 June 2009) was a Liechtensteinian Olympic track and field athlete and cross-country skier.

He was born in Balzers, Liechtenstein. He competed in track sprinting events in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin and cross-country skiing at the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz.[1] Frick is the only Liechtenstein athlete to date to have competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.[2]

Frick was a founding member of both the National Sports Association and the first Liechtenstein National Olympic Committee (NOC).[2] He served as the Secretary of the National Olympic Committee beginning at its founding in 1935.[2] He later headed the country's NOC as President from 1963 until 1970.[2]

Frick served as the first president of the Liechtenstein Athletics Federation, also known as the Liechtensteiner Turn- und Leichtathletikverband, a European Athletics Member Federation, for 35 years.[1] Additionally, Frick served on the board of directors of several other Liechtenstein organizations including the Alpine Club, the Gymnastics Club, and the Balzers Ski Club.[2]

He was awarded a Golden Laurel in 2003 by the government of Liechtenstein for outstanding contributions to sport.

Frick died on 10 June 2009 at the age of 96.[1]

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