Xaverius College

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Xaverius College
Borgerhout, Belgium
Type Coeducational
Grades 6 to 18
Enrollment 800
Affiliation Jesuit (Roman Catholic)

Xaverius College, in Borgerhout, near Antwerp, Belgium, affiliated with the Jesuits in Flanders, the northern and western part of Belgium where Dutch is spoken.

Xaverius College holds about 800 students, girls and boys, between 6 and 18 years old. It is a mix of old and new buildings around the recreation areas and the monastery garden. A group of Jesuits live nearby but they no longer teach as they used to. The long corridors on the monastery's ground floor are lined with the masterpieces of Alfred Ost, a well known Flemish artist. During his lifetime he was a poor man. He would visit and eat with the Jesuits in the community. Instead of paying them with money, he drew big scenes on the white walls.[1]

Classes are small and include English, French, German, Latin, Dutch, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Religion, History, Geology, plastic arts and sports. The school day begins at 8:20 and ends at 4:10. Wednesday is half day—4 hours.

Many graduates of Xaverius have gone on to distinguish themselves after school.[citation needed] Xaverius College has also been attended by some Americans under the auspices of The American Field Service.

Every year each class makes a trip during the Easter vacation. Eleventh year students visit Paris, and 12th year students visit Italy.[2]

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