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XaviXPORT console
Type Home video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Release date 2004
Introductory price US$79.99
Media ROM Cartridge
Website xavixstore.com

The XaviXPORT is a home video game console developed by SSD COMPANY LIMITED and released in the United States on 2004[1][2] during the sixth generation of video game consoles. The console uses cartridges and wireless controllers. The controllers are shaped like sports equipment (such as baseball bats or tennis racquets), with users actions represented on the television screen through the use of sensors in the controllers.[citation needed] The MSRP for the XaviXPORT was USD $79.99,[1] however as of 2013, the price was dropped to USD 39.99 for the standard kit.[citation needed] As of August 2016, the XaviXPORT is still available for purchase.


U.S. Releases[edit]

Japan Exclusives[edit]

  • PowerKIDS
  • PowerKIDS Jr.
  • XaviXmobile Brain Club [3]
  • Hot Plus [4]


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