St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai

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St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai
MottoVeritate Lumen et Vita
Light & Life through Truth
Established1923; 95 years ago (1923)
Religious affiliation
Jesuit (Roman Catholic)
RectorRev.Dr.Thomas Alexander, S.J.[1]
PrincipalRev.Dr.Britto Vincent , S.J.
Tamil Nadu
Campus58 acres
AffiliationsManonmaniam Sundaranar University

St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai, is a Jesuit college of arts and science affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu, India.[2] The school was founded in 1923 by Jesuit Fr. Jerome D'Souza (1897–1977).[3]


The Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) is offered in English and economics, besides a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). The Bachelor of Science (BSc) is offered in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, botany, and zoology. The Master of Arts (MA) is offered in Tamil and folklore and communication, along with the Master of Commerce (M.Com). The Master of Science (MSc) is offered in mathematics, botany, and zoology. Part-time and full-time programmes award the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Tamil, mathematics, and zoology. The doctorate (PhD) is offered in Tamil, English, folklore and communication, commerce, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, botany, and zoology.[1]

"Sciencia Acta Xaveriana" (SAX) is an international research journal of basic and applied sciences which publishes original research papers, review articles, book reviews, and dissertation abstracts in the various areas of science. It has been published twice annually since 2010.[4]


The College has an active Alumni Association. One of its projects is the medical service extended to the students, the teaching community of the college, and the public in the area. It offers blood analysis and other tests also like electrocardiogram (ECG) at a reduced price.[5]

Prominent alumni

Xavier Institute of Business Administration[edit]

Xavier Institute of Business Administration
TypeJesuit, Catholic
DenominationAll faiths
Established2012; 6 years ago (2012)
RectorDr. Danis Ponniah, SJ
DirectorDr. S. Arockiasamy, SJ
PrincipalDr. V. Gilburt Camillus, SJ
CampusUrban, Xavier College
PublicationXIBA Business Review [6]
AffiliationManonmaniam Sundaranar University

Xavier Institute of Business Administration (XIBA) was started in August 2012 as the Department of Master of Business Administration, affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, and approved by AICTE. XIBA offers a two years Master's programme (MBA).


The academic programme consists of 4 semesters spread over two years. First year courses cover basics of finance and accounting, marketing, organizational behaviour, communication skills, production, and quantitative techniques. In addition each student studies French or Hindi. The first summer is spent in a six to eight week internship, which concludes with both written and oral reports. The internship programme begins with weekly projects in a place close to the institute. Later, summer internship gives a longer stay in an industry for a deeper learning experience.
The second year involves specialization in two core areas of management such as finance, marketing, and human resource management.
XIBA also hosts about a dozen active clubs of a professional, social, or religious nature.[7]
There is also a post-graduate department of business studies.[8] The Institute publishes the XIBA Business Review.[6]


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