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Xavier Jamaux (born in Versailles) is a French disco musician. During the 1980s he was drummer with the French indie band Orange. In the late 90s he recorded under the name of his solo electronic project Bang Bang or Bangbang.[1]


Bangbang's "Neither Sing Sing nor Baden Baden" featured in the soundtrack of the Samuel Jackson film One Eight Seven.

Albums 1996 : Ollano (Barclay) 1998 : Tokyo Eyes OST (bangbang&beats/Naïve) 1999 : BangBang: "Je t'aime Je t'aime" (bangbang&beats/Yellow/East West) 2003 : BangBang: "Silicone" (Yellow/East West) 2008 : Sparrow OST (bangbang&beats/Naïve) 2008 : A Bigger Splash: "Tunes for Teens" (bangbang&beats) 2012 : Motorway OST (GO4music/bangbang&beats) 2016: Playing With Friends (bangbang&beats) 2016: Music For Films (bangbang&beats)


Xavier has composed scores for films by directors such as: Johnnie To, Michael Haneke, Kevin Reynolds, Jean Pierre Limosin, Thomas Winterberg, Alexandre Arcady, Soi Cheang...

He also made music for many commercials (Dior, Cartier, Audi, Citroên, L’Oréal, Garnier, Gucci, Fiat, etc....)


  1. ^ Billboard - 16 oct. 1999 - Page 28 "In 1985, he was the bass player in French indie-rock band Orange, whose other members were Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel, more commonly known as Air; and for Xavier Jamaux, who has since recorded under the Bang Bang ..."

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