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XaviXPORT / Domyos Interactive System
Top: North American XaviXPORT.
Bottom: European Domyos Interactive System.
Also known asDIS
TypeHome video game console
GenerationSixth generation
Release date2004
Introductory priceUS$79.99
Discontinued2017 [1]
MediaROM cartridge

The XaviXPORT, sold as the Domyos Interactive System in Europe on Decathlon stores, is a fitness-based home video game console developed by Japanese company SSD COMPANY LIMITED and released in the United States in 2004[2][3] during the sixth generation of video game consoles. The console uses cartridges and wireless controllers. The controllers are shaped like sports equipment (such as baseball bats or tennis racquets), with users actions represented on the television screen through the use of sensors in the controllers. The MSRP for the XaviXPORT was USD $79.99 at launch.[2] However, the system has been officially sold as low as $19.99 bundled with tennis or bowling in their 2013 Spring Cleaning sale.[4] In 2013, Xavix's social media sites went silent, but the ecommerce site remained up until 2017 when the official domain expired.[1]


The XaviXPORT was developed by eight engineers who worked on the Nintendo Entertainment System. [5] The processors were built into the games themselves with the more basic games using the same 8-bit 6502 CPU as the NES. More advanced games were released using the 16-bit 65816 CPU, the same CPU that the Super Nintendo's CPU, the Ricoh 5A22, was based on.


Many games released for the system included specific controllers needed for the game to work, while other controllers were compatible with several games. The library of games is mostly shared between Japan and the US, with European releases being mostly exclusive.

There were 22 titles known to have been released. This list is incomplete. Some games are not confirmed to be the same/different between regional releases.

   Background shading indicates that the game cartridge has an integrated camera.
# US Title Overseas Titles Accessory/Controller
1 United StatesBaseball ? Baseball bat and Ball [6]
2 United StatesBassFISHING ? Fishing Rod
3 United StatesBowling ? Bowling Ball
4 United StatesPowerBoxing JapanXaviX PowerBoxing Boxing Gloves
5 United StatesEyehand ? 2 Glove Sensors
6 United StatesGolf JapanXaviX Golf (サピックスゴルフ, Sapikkusugorufu) Wireless Sensor and 2 Golf Clubs[7] + 3 optional Clubs
7 United StatesJ-Mat JapanXaviX AEROSTEP J-Mat (Step Sensor) and two 1-lb Hand Weights
8 United StatesLifestyle Manager ? Electronic Scale and remote.[8]
9 United StatesMusic & Circuit ? Music Import System (Headphone Jack adapter) and Step Sensor
10 United StatesTennis ? 2 Tennis Rackets XaviXPORT-Tennis-Controller.jpg
11 N/A European UnionDomyos Step Concept Step Mat and Step 160 or Domyos Mat
12 N/A European UnionDomyos Fitness Dance Step Mat and Step 160 or Domyos Mat and Music Import System (Headphone Jack adapter built into cartridge)
13 N/A European UnionDomyos Fitness Adventure Step Mat and Step 160 or Domyos Mat
14 N/A European UnionDomyos Fitness Exercises Step Mat and Step 160 or Domyos Mat
15 N/A European UnionDomyos Fitness Play 4 Reflective Wristbands
16 N/A European UnionDomyos Fitness Training Domyos Training Kit (Barbell)
17 N/A European UnionDomyos SoftFitness 2 Glove Sensors
18 N/A European UnionDomyos Fit'Race[9] Bike Concept (Exercise Bike adapter) / VM 480 or VM 740 (Exercise Bikes)
19 N/A JapanHot Plus[10]
20 N/A JapanPowerKIDS
21 N/A JapanPowerKIDS Jr.
22 N/A JapanXaviXmobile Brain Club[11]


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