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Xazar TV.jpg
Xezer TV
Type Broadcast
Country Azerbaijan
Slogan Ailənizin Xəzəri (Your Family's Xezer)
Owner Xezer Teleradio MMC
Launch date
October 1, 2007
Official website



Xəzər TV, also spelled as Xezer TV and Khazar TV is a private television channel in Azerbaijan. On 2 October 2007, Xezer TV has been established as the 7th national TV channel in Azerbaijan. Main target audiences are families, and our 24-hour broadcasting focuses on bringing different target oriented content for family viewing. Xezer TV mainly specialize on TV dramas and Scripted TV series. However, music and talk shows also take significant place in their 24-hour TV programming. Being the first TV channel in digital broadcasting, Xezer TV has introduced international level of technical and design prospects in Azerbaijan. Together with 3 radio stations Xezer TV forms Xezer Media Center and takes significant role in Azerbaijan’s media market.


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