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Xbox Addict logo.png
Founded July 1, 2000
Headquarters Canada
Founder(s) Stephen Cameron
Industry Gaming
Alexa rank 341,551(March 2013)[1]
Registration Optional
Current status Inactive

Xbox was launched in July 2000, and it is the longest running dedicated Microsoft Xbox (launched November 2001) and Xbox 360 (launched November 2005) fan site. Xbox attained notoriety on the Xbox campus at Microsoft with a series of insider articles detailing various Xbox Live Arcade titles.[citation needed] The owner has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award in the Xbox category from October 2005 to present (6 years) for his efforts.[2] Main stream news coverage include USA Today,[3] Guinness Book of World Records (Gamers Edition), and the Washington Post.[citation needed]

The site also has a full Xbox 360 avatar virtual clothing line, where only a select few sites were chosen in the first round.

The site has 698 reviews listed on Metacritic since 2004.

Xbox also took part in teaming up with XbConnect, before Xbox Live was as big as it is today.

Official Xbox Magazine featured the site in the March 2002 issue.

Xbox has been primarily owned by Stephen "Kamshaft" Cameron since the very beginning. The site remains focused on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox platforms with an active fan-base of over 42,000 registered members discussing other consoles.

Notable staff members such as Adam "Variation" Deliva, Shawn "Silent" Rozankowski, Brent "Symmetric" Roberts, Sergio "Nato King" White, Tony "Highlite23" Ingrassia, and several others over the past years have played key roles in the success of the site.

The site was made inactive as of May 1st, 2015.