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Xcalibur- logo.jpg
Six Flags St. Louis
Opening date2003 (2003)
Six Flags Great Adventure
AreaFantasy Forest
StatusRelocated to Six Flags St. Louis
Opening date1999 (1999)
Closing date2002 (2002)
ReplacedFantasy Fling
General statistics
ManufacturerNauta Bussink Baily
Height113 ft (34 m)
Riders per vehicle4
Height restriction54 in (137 cm)

Xcalibur is a spinning thrill ride at Six Flags St. Louis, that opened in Spring 2003.[1]


Xcalibur was built in 1992 and debuted at the 1992 Munich Oktoberfest as Evolution. Evolution traveled across Europe until 1998 when the ride was purchased by Six Flags.

Six Flags Great Adventure (1999-2002)[edit]

Xcalibur was announced at Six Flags Great Adventure as Evolution, for the 1999 season along with 24 other attractions, known as War on Lines. Evolution was supposed to be built in Movietown but later the ride was built where Fantasy Fling was located in the Fantasy Forest section of the park. Before it opened the ride went through rigorous testings and state inspections. Since Evolution opened the ride faced multiple problems with operations on the control panel that few can operate. Just after four seasons at the park Evolution was removed and relocated to Six Flags St. Louis. The new Fender Benders (bumper cars) are currently being constructed at the former site of Evolution and opened in Summer 2012.[2]

Six Flags St. Louis (2003-present)[edit]

Xcalibur concept art in 2003

Evolution was relocated to Six Flags St. Louis and opened at the Missouri park in Spring 2003 as Xcalibur.[1] During the relocation Xcalibur received a better control panel than before and enhanced Medieval theme elements. Also each of the 16 gondolas received a sound system where the ride operator can talk during the ride and play theme music.

Xcalibur was closed for the 2018 season for an extensive refurbishment.


Unlike Pirate ship rides that let gravity control the ride, Xcalibur motion is controlled. Xcalibur's speed and direction is determined by servos located in the hub of the ride at the top of the leg supports. Xcalibur is manufactured by Nauta Bussnik Baily. The spinning ride is 113 feet (34 m) tall. It has 16 gondolas and can carry 64 people per ride.


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Primary sources[edit]

  • Great Adventure History, Evolution full of information and facts of Xcalibur when it was at Six Flags Great Adventure as Evolution.

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