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Xcircuit screenshot.png
Xcircuit screenshot
Original author(s) Tim Edwards
Developer(s) Tim Edwards
Initial release 1993; 22 years ago (1993)
Stable release 3.8.78 / February 3, 2015; 7 months ago (2015-02-03)
Preview release 3.9.37 / February 6, 2015; 7 months ago (2015-02-06)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Diagramming software
License GPL
Website opencircuitdesign.com/xcircuit/

XCircuit is a Unix/X11 and Windows, program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams and related figures, and produce circuit netlists through schematic capture. XCircuit regards circuits as inherently hierarchical, and writes both hierarchical PostScript output and hierarchical SPICE netlists. Circuit components are saved in and retrieved from libraries which are fully editable. XCircuit does not separate artistic expression from circuit drawing; it maintains flexibility in style without compromising the power of schematic capture.


XCircuit was written and is maintained by Tim Edwards, currently with Multigig Inc., formerly with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. XCircuit started life in the summer of 1993 as a drawing program to render circuit diagrams for an undergraduate electrical engineering course in the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering Part-time programs. Since then, it has expanded to encompass schematic capture and is used by people all over the world for both presentations and as an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool.

PCB layout editing can be accomplished with the program "PCB" that can use net-lists etc., from XCircuit.

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