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Developer(s) Derick Rethans
Initial release May 2, 2002 (2002-05-02)
Stable release 2.5.0 (December 4, 2016; 11 months ago (2016-12-04)) [±]
Development status Active
Written in C
Available in English
Type Debugger
License The Xdebug license
Website xdebug.org

Xdebug is a PHP extension which provides debugging and profiling capabilities.[1] It uses the DBGp debugging protocol.

The debug information that Xdebug can provide includes the following:

  • stack and function traces in error messages[2] with:
  • full parameter display for user defined functions
  • function name, file name and line indications
  • support for member functions

Xdebug also provides:

  • profiling information for PHP scripts[3]
  • code coverage analysis
  • capabilities to debug your scripts interactively with a debugger front-end.[4]

Xdebug is also available via the PECL.[5]

UML component diagram for Xdebug and PHP, integrated via the browser and an IDE
An Xdebug error message on Wikimedia Commons

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