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xdvi is an open-source computer program written by Paul Vojta for displaying TeX-produced .dvi files under the X Window System on Unix, including Linux.

The xdvi interface has a set of GUI controls and a window displaying a single page of the DVI document. Every time a new version of the .dvi file is saved, xdvi automatically refreshes the display with the new version. xdvi is equipped with "magnifying glasses" for viewing close-ups of portions of the page by clicking on a mouse button while the mouse cursor is over the part of the page to be viewed. xdvi has a set of keyboard shortcuts for bypassing the pointer control.[1]

xdvi can be used with the editor emacs to display the .dvi file of the TeX file currently being edited.[2] There also exists an ability to perform a reverse search, in which a user clicks on a location in the dvi file and emacs jumps to the associated location in the TeX file.[3]


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